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      The Peanuts Movie : What You Could Possibly Expect!

      By Chaitra

      'The Peanuts Movie' inspired by late Charles M. Schulz's comic strips, is all set to hit the movie screen tomorrow, November 6, 2015. The character Snoopy from the movie received his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame just 4 days ago.

      With so much anticipation in the air when the movie release is just around the corner, we thought we would give you hints on what you could possibly expect from the movie. It is adapted from the classic comic strip which won million of hearts!

      What You Can Expect From 'The Peanuts Movie'!

      The movie is 3D and CG animated. In spite of it being made in 3D, the creators, Schul'z son and grandson Bryan, have chosen to keep the graphics very minimal and similar to the ones on the comic strip. The originality of the characters are retained.

      Technically, it is very similar to Charlie Brown's comics. Yes! They have managed to use to the ultra modern technology to give the movie a vintage edge. This factor is something all the 'Peanuts' comic fans could look forward to.

      What You Can Expect From 'The Peanuts Movie'!

      As the plot goes, two lives, that is, Snoopy's and Charlie's run parallel to one another. The situations and imagination of the characters are displayed from moment to moment. They have skillfully avoided displaying the entire story in a row.

      Charlie spends his days from winters till the time school ends,trying to impress his new lady crush. The little red head character Lucy charges a dime from Charlie for monitoring his deficiencies. The boy wants to ace at everything to impress Lucy.

      What You Can Expect From 'The Peanuts Movie'!

      And Snoopy on the other end drifts away into his imaginary realm of World War I. He doesn't think of anything but destroying the aerial enemy. Still, as always, Snoopy is showcased to be a very strong yet lovable character, helping Charlie in performing well at school.

      The peanuts movie is a low key project and original. It is created for the children of this generation and the adults who grew up reading the comic strips. It is bound to take you on a Nostalgic ride. We just hope the movies makes it big, unlike Winnie The Pooh!

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