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Find Out The Cursed Hollywood Movies Of All Time!

By: Nirmalraj
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Supernatural power may be real or just an illusion, we really can't debate about it. Some believe in it, while others don't, it is an individual's choice. Nevertheless, there are always some unexplainable things happening all around us!

Both good things and bad things happen for a reason. Sceptics diss it to be pure non-sense while enthusiasts are affirmative about such things! Today, we are talking about some of the most cursed Hollywood movies of all time!


The young girl Heather O'Rourke (who played little girl Carol-Anne) had an untimely death due to a medical misdiagnosis and the reel-life elder sister Dominique Dunne (who played older sister Dana) was allegedly murdered by her abusive boyfriend. It is believed that they were cursed because during filming a scene, the crew used real skeletons instead of plastic ones.

The Omen

This movie was plagued with some gruesome events. The separate flights in which actor Gregory Peck and screenwriter, David Seltzer were flying was struck by lightning. Another plane crashed leaving no survivors in which the crew were supposed to be on-board. During the first day of the shoot, the crew luckily survived a major car crash.

Rosemary's Baby

A crew member; the composer died the same way as one of the characters in the film- the result of brain clot, a year after the film was released. The film's director Castle received death threats during the filming and he believed the film was truly cursed; he suffered kidney failure soon after the film was made, and swore the movie was cursed after crying out "Rosemary, for God's sake drop that knife" while being treated.

Superman Franchise

This superhero flick might be cursed. The actors who played Superman were haunted with ill-fate. The first actor who succumbed to this ill-fate was Christopher Reeve, he was paralysed neck down in a freak horse-riding accident. George Reeves with eerily similar last name, was found dead with a mysterious gunshot wound to his head.

The Innkeepers

The film was shot in an actual haunted hotel and during the nights, the crew heard noises and they experienced strange air surrounding them. The TV would turn on and off automatically, doors slammed frequently, lights flickering every now and then. Every crew member had vivid dreams every night till the filming was done. Co-incidentally the director happened to stay in the most haunted room in the hotel.

Yes! there are movies that are doomed from the start. A lot of unfortunate events happening from the sets to the actors' death; and to a lesser misfortune of career death. All sort of such events have happened!

Whether these movies were truly doomed or not, just reading about such horrifying events gives us goosebumps! The bone-chilling horror of deaths of the crew in these films, might be the dark shade of the truth that everyone chooses to ignore. These freak events makes one believe that perhaps there's a larger entity at play!

Do you believe in these curses and the freak accidents that happened? Are they just co-incidence or was it all a gruesome curse that haunted everyone invloved? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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