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Maharshi Review

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Director Krishna Brahma's Kannada movie Maharshi is a violent action movie, which is mixture of several commercial hit Telugu movies. Though the movie seems to be dialogue oriented movie, the dialogues are mere speech on love. The movie is clear witness for weak narration with no interesting story. The audience feel irritated by the narration and illogical story line.

The very beginning of the movie makes it very clear that movie is going to be torturous. The first half of the movie deals with a few rowdyism activities like rape and fights followed by a few comedy scenes. But the second is full of melodramatic events like fighting with swords and sickles and killings, where the hero takes his revenge by killing at least 20 people.

Maharshi is an innocent guy and afraid of fighting. He comes to city with his mother and sister. He is tortured by the street rowdies and his mother and sister are killed by don Pooary's men. Then he avenges by killing everyone those included in his mother and sisters murders.

Actor Prashanth, who had earned a few fans by doing the film Orata. But with this film, he is sure to loose them. He seems to be still in the hang over of Orata. He need to understand that with his loose action and shouting crude dialogues, he will no longer be able to sustain in the industry.

Though Mungaru Male fame actress Pooja Gandhi claims this movie to be her first action movie, she does nothing more than exposing. This movie is warning for her to choose the roles before signing a movie. Second heroine Priyanka has done little better.

It has badly composed shots and ordinary music to support the film, making it an intolerable watch. The censors have done well in muting several dialogues, which reflect the poor taste of the filmmaker.

The songs of the movie are hopeless except two songs. Camera work by Ramesh is not worth watching.

The movie also features Harish Rai Music: Sree Murali.

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