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Clara Foster said Gary Glitter groped her thigh

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Gary Glitter
London (ANI): A Brit girl has revealed how paedophile Gary Glitter groped her thigh as she sat on a beach with her dad when she was just eight years old.

Clara Foster, now 21, said that Glitter befriended her while she was on holiday with her parents and older sister in the Thai resort of Phuket. The shamed pop star was snapped sitting next to Clara's dad Martin while stroking her leg after she invited him to see her sandcastle.

She now shudders as she recalls how evil Glitter hugged and kissed her. "Me and my family were big Gary Glitter fans and when we saw him floating on the sea on a lilo, we were like 'Wow'," The Sun quoted her, as recalling the incident. "The next day I built a big sandcastle and asked him to come and look at it, as kids do. He was really friendly. I didn't think anything of it but when I look at the photo now I get really creeped out. It's worrying to think what was going through his mind. You can see in the picture he's grabbing hold of my thigh and has his arms around me. He would kiss us and hug us. My parents were there all the time. But we had no idea he was a paedophile. It was before he was arrested. It terrifies me to think what might have happened if I had been left with him."

Clara added: "My parents are really responsible and wouldn't have left me alone with someone we didn't know. But Gary was being really friendly and lots of people would have trusted him. I felt safe with him. We never felt threatened. We just thought he was a great guy. The last thing I'd have thought is that he was a sexual predator."

Seventies idol Glitter, 64, real name Paul Gadd, was deported to Britain last week from Vietnam, where he was jailed in 2006 for abusing girls of ten and 11. He did time in the UK for having child porn.

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