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Puli (U)

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01 Oct 2015
Critics Reviews Audience Reviews Updated: October 01, 2015 05:15 PM IST

Vijay has delivered the goods, especially in stunt and song sequences. While Shruti Haasan impresses with her alluring looks and has really excelled in a couple of scenes. But, extraordinary performances comes from actors like Sudeep and Sridevi.

The much talked about VFX and CG shots stand out in the entire film as such high quality visual effects is something new to Tamil audience and hopefully, it is here to stay.

Overall View: Kudos to director Chimbu Deven for bringing back the fantasy genre to Tamil cinema. However, his average screenplay and other technical faults makes Puli just a one time watch.

Despite having a huge star like Vijay on board, Chimbu plays to his strengths in Puli and we have many of the director's trademark touches and quirks. With practical restrictions, he also has pulled off a project of such a scale quite effectively.

The strong VFX work by Kamalakannan and team, the intricate work done on the extravagant costumes, robes and other royal accessories, the numerous sword fight sequences, the lush outdoor locations and the overall grandeur in DoP Natty's visuals count among Puli's numerous plus points.

Verdict: Looking beyond few issues, Puli is a lavishly made mainstream fantasy entertainer with good visual effects which should be encouraged

Vijay, the leading star among the current lot of actors has acted in a film that has these two concepts and that film is 'Puli'.

Director Chimbudevan starts off his film with the detailing of the background of a kingdom with super powers and the travails of the tribal villages coming under its regimel.

The biggest plus for 'Puli' would be that the film does not disappoint in its fantasy content. Huge sets, mammoth animals. Lead characters with super natural powers etc would definitely satisfy the lovers of this genre and would also appeal to children.

Verdict: Enjoy the magic of Vijay and Fantasy

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