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A hearty conversation with John, Bips

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Thursday, May 03, 2007

She has had a fantastic 2006.... A power-packed performance, the biggest item song and the biggest hit of the year... But more than anything else, she brought the bikini back in business... Karan's first guest is the very sultry and sexy Bipasha Basu! Karan's second guest started the brand Dhoom... He is too sexy for his shirt and is so hot to handle that women the world over get dirty thoughts at the mere mention of his name - John Abraham. Don't miss this super-hot episode of Koffee with Karan, with Bollywood's super-sexy couple, John and Bipasha this Sunday, May 6th at 9 p.m. only on Star One and Star World.

Excerpts from the interview:

Karan Johar: When you have such a hot girlfriend... and like all kinds of people compliment her... think she's so sexy... has it ever bothered you? Any kind of irritation at times?
John Abraham: Well I think it's great... It's a compliment... ya... and she's got such long legs...

Karan Johar: So she can defend herself... and what about you Bipasha...women think of all kinds of obscene things when they think of him... does that bother you?
Bipasha Basu: I think its the business that we are in and the kind of personalities that we are.. and the kind of image that we keep... I think if that is not the reaction then there is something wrong.... I look at it very intelligently... the reason we are together was because at one point of time we must have found each other really attractive...that's why we firstly must've got hitched...It doesn't bother me.. I pretty think of myself very highly...

Karan Johar: I like that....that's very important..
Bipasha Basu:
Ya.. There could be other women but there's no one like me

Karan Johar: And you agree with her John?
John Abraham:
She's the original

Karan Johar: And everyone else is a copy?
John Abraham: No.. not really but she's the original...

Karan Johar: What about marriage? Is it a step ahead or is it something you are not giving any thought to?
Bipasha Basu:
The kind of family background that I come from its very important. It's the most important institution. My parents are the most romantic people that you will ever find. So marriage is definitely very important but at this point of time I think I'm very young... maybe some few years...

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