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Parakh Madan 'loves' her stalker

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stars' getting haunted by their die hard fans is not something unheard of, but Parakh Madan, the Koena Mitra look alike who plays the lead in the Star One show 'Saathi Re', is one of the lucky ones who actually has an anonymous admirer who is caring, sweet and a well wisher in the true sense of the term. It all started on Valentines' Day when Parakh received a bouquet of flowers with a nameless tag. Since then someone has been sending her unnamed bouquets rather continuously.

"Yes, it all started on Valentines Day when a bouquet was delivered in my room at the studio where we were shooting that day. It was addressed to me but the person who sent it had not left his name. At first I thought it must be some friend who wanted to give me a surprise. The unit members also felt so and we all thought that he would call by the time we pack up. But till 10 PM, no call came and we were all left baffled thinking how and from where he got the exact location address ', reminisces the perky actress.

This admirer didn't take long to strike again when Parakh was down with fever for a few days, thereby displaying his softer side. "When I was sick I received a bouquet which said 'get well soon'. Now everyone on the sets, from my director Nandita to my camera man Sada, has started teasing me about it. Whenever a bouquet comes, the unit members already assume it's for me", informs Parakh.

But even after so many bouquets, the identity of the sender still remains a secret.

"I actually waited for some time to know if someone from my circle of friends has sent the flowers. But when I checked amongst my friends here and in Delhi where I come from and where most of my acquaintances live, I couldn't get any clues. So I have absolutely no idea who this person is. My family in Delhi has also been left unawares", she says. So what would she do if she comes face to face with this person? "The person has been harmless and the gestures make me feel happy. Often I have wondered who could he/ she be? I guess if we happen to meet, the first thing I would do is to give him/ her a big hug and express my gratitude for such sweet behavior. I believe this kind of a thing is a part of being famous and I have learnt to take it in my stride", retorts the actress who has also appeared in a film, Jai Santoshi Maa in the past.

Director of the show Nandita Mehta also has a good laugh over the whole scenario. "I guess it's all a part of Parakh getting popular with 'Saathi Re', unless of course she already had some admirer in the past that has emerged all of a sudden now. It is not at all difficult for a layman to access a public figure's number, but I guess this person can come out in the open; after all he is causing no harm. At the same time, we actually have had a great time teasing Parakh about it", she says.

As long as things don't take a turn, it seems Parakh can enjoy all the attention showered on her by her secret admirer.

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