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Rajeev on Left Right Left

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What is your take on the newcomers in the serial? Are they doing well?
I think I'm the worst actor in the serial. I have miles to go now, so I cannot comment on any one else's performance. But I think if they had not done a good job, the serial would not have done well.

Why don't we see more of you on television?
I like exclusivity. I have never done more than one serial at a time. I do not believe in doing several serials at one time. Rather I would devote all to one. Well, also I do not wish to keep busy. I like to have time for myself, so I shoot for twenty-two days a month and for the rest of the days I spend my time doing things that I want to do.

What kind of roles do you look forward to?
See I like to do roles which are unusual. I do not have a notion in mind that I would like to do comedy or something else. I keep myself open when I hear roles and if it strikes me I take it up. I think it is important for an actor to like a role before he presents it to the people.

Are you looking ahead to a career in films?
Yes, I am looking for a career in films but I live in reality. I would be lying if I told you that I do not want to do films. I certainly want to see my close-up on the big screen but I'm not chasing it like madness.

Have you received any offers yet?
Yes, I have been hearing a few scripts every week but nothing as of now has struck me. So till now nothing has happened but I will do films when I get a good role.

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