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    Rahul's eviction drama for politics?

    By By: Arya Aiyappan

    Rahul Mahajan walked out of the Bigg Boss house in style having bequeathed the lion's share to the other three contenders. He was the picture perfect image of a king who had renounced his kingdom and the majestic throne. At once the saint, the martyr and the hero, he was undoubtedly the winner, way before the show had actually declared the star. Rahul Mahajan was evicted from the house on grounds of disobedience. In spite of having broken one of the cardinal laws of the house, while trying to escape, he was the least perturbed. Even when the rest of the inmates apologized, he held fast to his decision.

    Reality is very elusive, especially in a reality show! Bigg Boss 2 is anything but reality. Rahul Mahajan eviction drama speaks volumes about the unspoken and unseen truth lurking in the background. Even if Junior Mahajan, oft hailed a sure bet for the 'Bade Dilwale' title did not win, he has definitely taken taken home the 'Baazigar' title. He may have lost the golden chance, but not the gleaming future awaiting him. He not only won the audience with his chivalry but also showed the three iron hearts melt in tears for him. As the vanquished King he forsook the prize money for the sake of his inmates, with whom he hardly ever shared any true relationship. The benevolent politician was ready to forsake the money for the three needy contestants. The reasons were high and lofty. He was contented with what he had and was the Messiah ready to shoulder the onus of guilt all by himself.

    A man who has been known for his diplomatic handling of relationships within the Bigg Boss house, one day flares up in rebellion, unwilling to budge an inch. The spur of the moment may be a wild guess, but a sure bet is to pronounce it as a pre-planned drama. Seemingly stage managed, the exit was only to propel his entry into politics. To enter politics he did the groundwork by securing a clean chit and burying away his past. If that was not enough he was the lovelorn hero desperately trying to woo his lady love Monica. With endless appeals which in any Bollywood film would have seen the hero walk away with his lady by then, saw our Rahul wait patiently but determined as always.

    If you think anything could happen only in our Bollywood movies then you are thoroughly mistaken, small screen has ousted them. Not much days have elapsed since Rahul left the Bigg Boss house. Outdoing all his political predecessors, he has made a very brazing statement - Monica is just his friend and that his new found love is politics. A U-turn and no one was prepared for it, not even Monica in the wildest of her dreams, who had finally made up her mind to foresee her future in Rahul. The politician in him has come to the limelight. His language and innocent guise in the house would be his forte with blessings from his father. All moves carefully planned and loopholes hardly any to be spotted, he has struck the bull's eye.

    There remains another angle to the whole story. Endemol productions to maintain their TRPs in the wake of the winner pronounced way before the show has come to the final lap had to prove its might. That the audiences and the inmates themselves proclaimed Rahul the undisputed winner was a threat in the lurking and to top it all his political nexus could have been hardly ignored.

    Rahul may have lost the game mid way, but definitely not his father's legacy, 'politics'. With the right moves and in control of the loops he has made the plunge into the game of politics, real to the core, but dramatic to the nerve. He has learnt the rules already - 'Today's declarations are tomorrow's contradictions', with his dilly-dallying marriage proclamations. The field is ready and the groundwork done, he has to keep himself away from shifting sands.

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