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Kya Hua Tera Vaada – October 3 Serial Update

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Kya Hua Tera Vaada
In last night's (October 3) episode of Kya Hua Tera Vaada, Pradeep, Vineet, Mona (Mona Singh) and Anushka (Mouli Ganguly) are having dinner at a restaurant. Pradeep is very drunk and starts giving Vineet the 'Dos and Don'ts of living with Mona Singh by Pradeep'! He tells him that Mona gets angry fast, but if he does some sweet talking, she calms down.

He goes on to say that in the past 12 years of their marriage, Mona never let the budget go up or down! He tells Vineet that the art of living with less should be learnt from Mona! Anu tells Pradeep that Vineet knows what he needs to do and besides, he has no shortage of money. Pradeep has tears in his eyes and refuses to stop. He goes on to talk about how obsessed Mona is with her kids.

Anushka asks Pradeep to stop, and so does Mona. Vineet says that they should leave and so they leave.

Mallika keeps complaining about the expenses in Mona's engagement to Manoj. Manoj tells Mallika that Vineet is very powerful and says that Vineet has promised him to look into the project details that he sent him. Mallika then realises her mistake.

In the car, Pradeep continues to blabber about Mona. Anu gets someones SMS and looks tensed. When the car stops, Anushka walks out with mobile in her hand. Pradeep is about to fall, but Mona holds him and helps him to his room. Anu is telling someone that she does not want to talk to him and that she does not miss him! Meanwhile, Mona feeds Pradeep with lime water. Pradeep, who is extremely drunk, pulls Mona closer to him and says that he is trying to forget Mona, but is unable to do so. He says that he respects her a lot.

When Anu arrives, Mona explains that Pradeep was drunk and so she came to help. Anu thanks her for the help.

Vineet comes to drop Mona. Tani tells Mona that she has got a job and Mona congratulates her.

Precap - Tani tells Mona that the guy who understands her every wish without her telling is very rare. She asks Mona to forget Pradeep!

Stay tuned to get further updates on Kya Hua Tera Vaada.

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