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Kumkum Bhagya: Tanu's Real Face To Be Revealed To Abhi-Pragya!

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The makers of Kumkum Bhagya are keeping the audience hooked with the match-fixing drama of Pragya (Sriti Jha). Though Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) has been expressing his love for Pragya, the latter is not ready to accept it as she has promised Tanu!

Pragya had promised Tanu that she will get her back to Abhi's home, and later she will also get Tanu and Abhi married. Will she? Well, we have to wait and see...

Right now, Pragya has got Tanu home and the real reason behind burning Tanu's room was revealed in yesterday's episode. Though Pragya is jealous and also sad that Tanu will now take her place, Pragya does this for Tanu's good.

Pragya burns Tanu's room, so that she can get back Tanu to Abhi's home saying she is alone and there is no one to help her when her room was destroyed by fire. With this all will have to accept as she is close friend to Alia too.

Tanu is very happy with the development and reveals that the work that she and Alia couldn't do in so many days, was done within a day by Pragya. When Tanu sees Abhi she hugs him and asks him to meet her alone at night to spend time together since they are meeting after long time.

Abhi to make Pragya jealous asks Tanu to come to his room that night. But after Pragya leaves, Abhi asks Tanu to keep distance from him.

In the upcoming episode, we will come to know that Abhi was actually right in judging Tanu. He thinks Tanu has always been concerned about her career and chose the career over him. Tanu will be seen doing the same thing in the coming days too.

Tanu's real face will be revealed To Abhi and Pragya, when she will get involved in casting couch!

Pragya At Tanu's Flat

Pragya will go to Tanu's flat and throw all photo's of Tanu and Abhi on the bed.

Pragya Hurt And Jealous

Pragya is hurt, jealous and upset that she will be giving her place to Tanu as she has promised.

Pragya Sets Fire

Pragya sets fire in Tanu's room thinking of Tanu closer to Abhi. While her real intension is different.


Tanu gets scared seeing fire in her room and shouts. She later comes out to know that all was done by Pragya.


Tanu scolds Pragya, while the latter reveals the real intension of her buringin her room was to bring Tanu to Abhi's home.

Tanu Hugs Abhi

This makes Tanu happy and she hugs Abhi seeing him. Abhi makes Pragya feel jealous by calling Tanu to her room at night.


Dadi and Dasi wants to know why Pragya is behaving weird and pulls her to the room

Pragya Shocked

Thinking Dadi and Daasi may scold Pragya, she raises her voice. But Dadi is happy with Pragya as she got Tanu home in a good intension of helping her. This shocks Pragya.

Tanu's Real Face Revealed!

In the upcoming episode, Tanu's real face will be revealed to Abhi and Pragya as Tanu will again choose career over Abhi and her baby.

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