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19 Oct 2006
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Some two decades ago a film called Antima Teerpu with Krishnamraju in the lead came before the Telugu audiences. Of course it was also made with the inspiration of a Hollywood flick Sunday Mirror. By rehashing the story Ravi C Kumar, who is earlier known as Ravi Chavali, tried to bring a similar subject in the name of Samanyudu. However, the slapdash screenplay and amateurish direction killed the tempo of the entire film. The director failed to establish certain characters and made them end abruptly. A minister, who is well known for his crookedness, becoming a pawn in the hands of a common man is quite unimaginable. Peculiarly, the hero blackmails the villain and make him a pawn in his hands.

Chandrasekhar (Ranganath) runs a daily called Addam and he is the editor. He brings up Chandu (Jagapatibabu), Abhi (Arunkumar) and Aparna (Archana), who were orphans and give them good positions and make them stay abroad. He also has a trusted reporter called Dasu (Rajiv Kanakala), who was once a Naxalite and joined the mainstream. Home Minister Bhagawan Raj (Saikumar) attacks Chandrasekhar and injures him, as the latter tries to expose his misdeeds. So his foster sons and daughter return to India. When Chandrasekhar was about to reveal that Bhagawan Raj had swindled Rs 600 crores, Bhagawan Raj kills him with help of his right hand Lingam Goud (Vinodkumar).

In order to fulfill Chandrasekhar's dreams to teach a lesson to the corrupt politicians, Chandu takes over as the editor of Addam. With all his brilliance, Chandu, Abhi, Aparna and Dasu prepare a plan and get the clues on Bhagawan Raj's corrupt practices. With the help of those clues, Chandu starts blackmailing Bhagawan Raj and forces him to fulfill all his election promises made to the people. The latter also tries to grab those clues from Chandu in different ways but fails. At this juncture, Chandu falls in love with Vandana, sister of Lingam Goud. An angry Goud tries to attack Chandu but gets silenced after watching the CD in which one of the henchmen of Bhagawan Raj reveals that he killed Chandrasekhar and a police officer.

At this juncture, Bhagawan Raj tells a police commissioner that he had already planted a mole in their group. It is none other than Aparna, who is out to take revenge against Chandrasekhar and his Addam paper, because of whom she lost her parents and sister. But, Bhagawan Raj realises that the people were treating him as God because of his good works and makes a self-introspection and decides to remain a gentleman. But in the process of securing the evidences which would prove Bhagawan Raj is guilty, Aparna kills Dasu. In order to save Chandu and Abhi from her, Bhagawan Raj kills Aparna. The film ends on a happy note.

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