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Premiste Pranamista - Review

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Monday, May 21, 2007

An unimpressive commercial drama
Money can do many things. This maxim is worth applicable to the film industry in general and Telugu films in particular. If you have the money and interest in films you can make a film of your choice. It is no problem whether you are handsome or not, whether you could show expressions and whether you have the acting capabilities. This was proved once again in Premiste Pranamista. Prabhakar, who was an All India Karate Champion, is a big fan of Chiranjeevi. Emulating his favourite hero, he turns hero with this film besides producing and directing it.. He has chosen a story penned by TV Ashok. However, the film looks poor in every department.

Prem (Prabhakar), son of Santamma (Kavita) loses his father in his childhood and his mother brings him up. He is a big fan of Chiranjeevi. After the completion of his high school studies, he goes to the nearby city to continue his education. On the other side of the coin, Rukmini (Ramya) is the niece of one Siddu (Balwan), brother of a local goon JK. Siddu wants to marry Rukmini and keeps sending body guards as security to Rukmini. Looking at her body guards, none in the college dare to befriend with Rukmini fearing bashing from the goons. But Prem notices her loneliness and befriends with her along with four of his friends Srinu, Ramu, Bujji and Sheela. This elates Rukmini and their friendship continues. Rukmini develops a soft corner towards Prem and in fact falls in love with him. On learning that Rukmini is friendly with Prem, Siddu decides to marry her. So, Rukmini calls up Prem and elopes with him. Siddu and his gang search for Prem and kidnap all his friends, mother but not Prem. Finally, they learn that he is with his karate master and goes to that village and kill the master when Prem is away and also kidnap Rukmini. On the other hand, at the instance of JK, the police arrest Prem and plan to kill him in an encounter. But Prem escapes from the police and reaches JK's house and saves his friends, mother and also Rukmini by killing JK and Siddu. As a good boy who listens to his mother, Prem hands over Rukmini to her mother safely. But on learning that both are in love, Santamma agrees for their marriage and the film ends on a happy note with the union of Prem and Rukmini.


Though routine, MS Narayana's comedy is the major highlight of the movie. He has provided good comedy and at one stage acts as a gentleman to join the lovers. Another highlight of the film is the song script highlighting qualities of Chiranjeevi. The script / literature in the song is worth listening. A couple of fights are also choreographed well.


The lead pair is a big minus for the film. Neither the hero nor the heroine has the ability to show their expressions in their faces or in their body language. Even the dances look artificial. Being a fighter, Prabhakar looks at ease at action scenes. The villainy of the negative characters are not established properly.


The screenplay is haphazard and the movement of the story is also improper. Some scenes do not have proper links. Music by Nari Raju also has failed to impress the audiences and dialogues by Amara Bhaskar are just okay. As a whole, the film will not have any takers after the first day.

Cast: Karate Prabhakar, Ramya, Balwan, Ravikumar, Murthy, MS Narayana, Surya, Kavita, Rajasri, Shalini, Abhinayasri and others

Producer: Karate Prabhakar
Banner: Srinivasa Entertainments
Director: Prabhakar
Camera: Kala Dhananjay
Story: TV Ashok
Dialogues: Amara Bhaskar
Music: Nariraj
Lyrics: Balraj, Sukumar.

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