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    Jimmy surviving in a Khanny Khan world

    By Staff

    hitubaba: hey jimmy i wana be a bollywood actor....wats ur suggestion on enterin the industry

    Jimmy Sheirgill: just enter

    duggu: who is ur favorite actor right now besides Mr. AB and SRK?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: kk menon

    ash: hi jimmy, why u accept week roles in munnabhai and bas ek pal?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: coz i have no insecurities kash

    tigergills: is it true that u r a sardar?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: yes i am a sardar

    tigergills: do u belive in extra-marital affair? will u do one for me pls....

    Jimmy Sheirgill: why do u want to mess up ur life and mine?

    asma: i did like u alot n mohabbatein&dil hai tumara ,is there any film will u do with srk?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: not as of now asma

    vj: say indiafm rocks....

    Jimmy Sheirgill: it does

    punjabigirl : hor shergill saab ki haal chall ne, punjabi filman hi karde hon ja roz punjabi bolde vi ho

    Jimmy Sheirgill: bolde haan

    tigergills: i think u shld take up some wild action pack roles

    Jimmy Sheirgill: i have a few coming up tiger

    hotdesigabroo: just saw your film "YARAAN NAL BAHARAN" great film, you've got a huge fan following in italy thanks to that! how was is like to make a punjabi film?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: i do one punjabi film a year coz i am a sardar and its my duty to do whatever i can for punjabi cinema

    Charla 4 Jimmy: you are doing quite different films and I like that, but dont you wanna do something like DDLJ or something like that?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: i do want to charla

    gudriya: hi jimmy...its my bday today...will you wish me!

    Jimmy Sheirgill: wishing u a very happy birthday gudriya

    ash: who is ur favorite actress with whom u want 2 work out?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: tabu

    chetanindreams: Hey jimmy whom wud u consider ur role model in bollywood??

    Jimmy Sheirgill: no role models

    Sabine: What is the date for your marriage???

    Jimmy Sheirgill: 15 April

    Leeni: so have u travelled a lot while shooting films?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: yes i do

    al: arey thoda smile kar do na mere bhai

    Jimmy Sheirgill: subah se smile hi kar rahan hoon :-)

    lolo_girl: any film with manisha koirala?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: none as of now lolo

    duggu: Maybe u should try working in films with RGV? i think u could make an awsome villian in his films or ar abbas mustan the way im a hindu Punjabi...parents from Jallandhar..Ur punjabi attitude Rocks man!

    Jimmy Sheirgill: duggu... plz ask them to sign me

    al: what do u think of 'Ram Gopal Varma Ke Sholay'?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: i dont know much about it as of now

    Mira: hi.. lage raho munna bhai u had a small role but it was well potrayed... how was it 2 work again with sanjay...?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: fantastic

    Charla 4 Jimmy: If you were to meet GOD, what would you say to him?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: id would want to swap places with god

    guffy: hi jimmy wat r u forth coming movies?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: eklavya, strangers, khaffa, delhii heights, chodo na yaar, etc etc

    Pamm: Tell us about your experience working with Kulraj Randhawa because it was her first film

    Jimmy Sheirgill: nice experience, hardworking girl

    ROXY: Jimmy bhai do u like ash or katrina?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: katrina

    Charla 4 Jimmy: what is the most beautiful day of your life?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: the day my son was born

    tigergills: r u a very serious or a fun person?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: im both tiger

    hitubaba: r u veg or non veg?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: both

    Charla 4 Jimmy: what is written in your last sms that you received ?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: sent the agreement please sign

    jabbar: do u have web cam

    Jimmy Sheirgill: no jabbar

    k: jimmy, i think you should be seen more often in the page 3 circuit, i mean you should go out, make more conntacts and magnify your presence in bollywood

    Jimmy Sheirgill: im happy with the contacts i have...

    Charla 4 Jimmy: GOD or Darwin theory, what do you believe?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: god

    rahil: will u watch James Bomd?

    Jimmy Sheirgill: yes i will

    duggu: can i send u a script to look over...and if so where do i send i said i ive in Los Angeles

    Jimmy Sheirgill: indiafm duggu

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