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Kareena losing weight

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    By: Upala KBR, Mid-Day
    Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    Kareena Kapoor is still collecting accolades for her performance in Omkara. Earlier this week, she was seen in a brief cameo in Don.

    So it was time to ask Kareena, "What's next?" There was lots to ask her: from her films to her family; from her relationships to her current R&R frame of mind; and, of course, Shahid Kapoor. Talking to Bebo, it's easy to see that she has become wiser, calmer and more reflective. The spirited bubbliness is there, tempered by a quiet maturity. Here's Kareena at her candid best.

    What are the reactions to your song in Don?
    My friends and family thought it was fantastic. When friends like Manish (Malhotra), Tusshar (Kapoor), and Ahmed Khan compliment me, I know it's genuine. But the most important reason I did the song was because of Shah Rukh and that he was in the song with me. I am an ardent fan of Shah Rukh.

    Shouldn't you have done Priyanka's role?
    That's the director's discretion. I would love to do an out-and-out love story with Shah Rukh. I have watched Dilwale Dulhaniya at least 150 times and keep playing it all the time on my DVD player. That is the kind of love story I would love to do with Shah Rukh.

    You've lost oodles of weight...
    A few months ago, I made up my mind to not sign films just for the heck of it. So I was sitting at home twiddling my thumbs when I decided to lose weight. I started doing Pilates. I have been doing lots of yoga.

    In fact, I'm doing something called Hot Yoga, which is doing yoga under very hot conditions where the windows are closed, no fans or ACs, and generally sweating it out. It has shown immense results. I don't follow a diet. I've lost at least five kilos, though I am still to meet my target.

    Are you losing weight for Mani Ratnam's Lajjo?
    Yes, but it will be starting by early next year, so I have time to gear myself up for that. Lajjo has the deadly combination of Mani (Ratnam) sir and Aamir (Khan). Can anything get better than that? The story is based in 1932 and I play a village girl.

    How is it working with Mani again?
    It's great! In Yuva, Mani sir tapped that side of me that not many directors had. It will always be a very cherished role and one of my most difficult ones. When you have emotional scenes and good dialogues backing you, it's easy to play out a role. It's tough to stand in a frame and just be an ordinary girl, like I did in Yuva.

    Why haven't you signed any films recently?
    Due to a lack of good scripts. I've made up my mind that I won't do something unless it doesn't excite me. I don't want to take up just about anything and have people tell me later what a waste it was. I have been sitting at home for four months and I'm getting really agitated now. I took this break to give time to my workouts and other things. Now, I want to sign some hot, glamorous roles rather than sit at home twiddling my thumbs. I am ready to take on at least three new films.

    What was the best compliment you got for Omkara?
    There were many compliments, but the best came from Karisma and her husband (Sunjay Kapur). She was very emotional when she saw me in Omkara. This was the first time in the six years of my career that she loved me so much in a role. The way both Lolo and Sunjay reacted was great!

    Was there friction between you and John during the Rockstar tour?
    I didn't have issues with anybody on the world tour. I was too much into it as it was Shahid's first world tour. We were together all the time. There was no time to bond with anybody else. I have never worked with John. The only comment I remember is when he spoke about my acting abilities on Koffee With Karan. I was very amused.

    People say that being with Shahid has changed you in many ways.
    Life has changed a lot in the last three years. I am more spiritual and l don't cling on to things as I would in the past. A film is just a film. Now I am not into why am I not doing it? I don't get into that. I have matured with age and I would like to give Shahid some credit for it. He lives on his own, makes his own decisions and has a strong influence on me.

    What movies have you seen recently?
    Shahid and I are movie buffs. We go to see every film as Shahid and my seats are booked at Fame Adlabs for every Friday release. I loved Khosla Ka Ghosla and Rang De Basanti. I enjoyed watching Pyaar Ke Side/Effects as it was cute and funny. I loved everything about RDB. Shahid is equally emotional about RDB. We have watched it at the theatre six times.

    Shahid had originally been offered Siddharth's role but couldn't do it because of date hassles. RDB is in our DVD collection of best films. Karan and you have patched up and you will be doing his next project. I haven't been signed for it as yet, but we will work together. Where Karan is concerned, films are secondary.

    Our friendship is more important. We sorted things out and now we are very close. I love Karan immensely. I am a very emotional person and whether Karan has a role for me or not, I will be always be very attached to him. He will always be on my best friends list. I am yet to meet a person like him. He exudes so much positive energy.

    You have managed to stay friends with Ajay despite his history with Karisma.
    I am not aware about any sort of problem between Ajay and Lolo. She loved Ajay in Omkara. He is a fabulous person. I have known him ever since I was a child. I loved working with him and count him among my friends. I love the way he is as a person, fun to be with and very honest. I can sit and have a conversation with him about anything. Ajay is the only actor with whom I can be myself.

    ...and Abhishek?
    Abhishek is a great guy. Some relationships will always be cherished. We faced the camera for the first time together in Refugee and that bond can never be broken. It will be something to tell my children about when they watch Refugee. I love Abhishek from the bottom of my heart. Whatever happened was unfortunate, but these things happen. We make a great on-screen pair, yet I have not been signed for any film with him. I don't know why!

    Vishal Bhardwaj has shelved Mr Mehta and Mrs Singh, starring you and Aamir.
    I would love to work with Vishal again and be a part of his film, and if he won't take me in his next film I would feel very hurt. I am very emotional about him and Omkara. I will fight with him if he doesn't cast me in his next project! But some things are understood and I am sure we will work together in the near future.

    What is your equation with Bipasha like?
    We have never spoken but there is no problem at all. We don't go out of our way to greet each other at public events, but then we don't ignore each other either. From whatever I have heard about her, she's a very sweet, straightforward, warm and chilled-out girl. We were both very young when Ajnabee happened and I am sure today if we came together in a film there wouldn't be a problem. Today our reactions would be very balanced. I would love to work with her again.

    Rapidfire round

    Pick your best actresses from the current lot.
    Rani, as she's a great actress. Vidya Balan is here to stay and has lots of class and the most promising of the lot, and Amrita Rao, as she has untapped talent.

    An actor you'd like to work with.
    Aamir Khan.

    A film you regret refusing.
    Kal Ho Naa Ho.

    A person you regret losing touch with.
    I am in touch with all the people I love.

    One filmmaker you'd like to work with.
    It's a tie between Raj Kumar Hirani and Rakeysh Mehra.

    A person who influences you the most.
    My sister.

    The best birthday gift you got this year.
    Again, it's a tie between an exquisite Roger D Limited Edition watch given to my by Lolo, and a pair of stunning diamond earrings given to me by Shahid. I need to keep two options always!

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