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Nauheed Cyrusi in an exclusive chat....

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Diti Shah : i love u nauheeeeeeeeeed... i watch ur show on mtv all the time...muah
Nauheed Cyrusi : thankss ditii muahh back to uu

Roomie : oke, hey have a gr8 future... nd lots of true blessing from this ROOMIE
Nauheed Cyrusi : thanks a tonne roomiee .u take care of urself too n good luck in all u do

 Mak : nauheed.....MARRY ME!
Nauheed Cyrusi : mak .. sure id love to
Nauheed Cyrusi : hahaha

alt+F : wat do u do in ur free time???
Nauheed Cyrusi : i watch movies n movies n movies n do all the stuff i cant when im workin especially sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

Nauheed Cyrusi : i got into bollywood simply cuZ of piya basanti

Sahar : Do you speak farsi?
Sahar : are u muslim?
Nauheed Cyrusi : im not muslim im iranian n unfortunately i dont speak farsi altho my dad does

Jess : whos been ur fav co-star so far????
Nauheed Cyrusi : no favs for me they all r superrrrrrrrrrrrr..iv never had any problems with any of them so thats great

9-heed : r u comfortable with onscreen kissing?
Nauheed Cyrusi : well not really 9 heed

Deepa : Urs FAV. holiday Place?
Nauheed Cyrusi : my favourite holiday place is GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Deepa : Did u doing any project with Abhishek?
Nauheed Cyrusi : no :( but i did do an ad with him n hes just wowwwwwwwwwwwww

Rajroystyles : hey nauheedji hi, i like u a lot. waiting to see ur anwar. do u have a website?
Nauheed Cyrusi : aarita thats not made by me so sure u cud get in touch with me here n id love for u to make a site for mee

Vj_rulz : heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nauheed...hw r u?
Nauheed Cyrusi : heyyyyyyyyy vj_rulzzzzzzzzzzz how r uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

9-heed : wld you work with a new director who has a good script?
Nauheed Cyrusi : OFCOURSEE I WUDD..manish jha is relatively new too n i am just so glad i worked with him

Tisha : i love Maula Mere and Javeda Zindagi in anwar, i think Mithoon rocks, which is ur fav. song in anwar
Nauheed Cyrusi : tisha my fav songs r exactly ur favs only javeda zindagi gets a lil preference over maula

Allu : Hi nauheed.....Im ur biggest fan frm Canada....have u been to Canada??
Nauheed Cyrusi : no i havent

Moses Boatfall : will u come with me on my boat... im a fisherman... ill drop u to chowpatty everyday
Nauheed Cyrusi : moses boatfall id love toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..

Mak : are you gong to be shooting in ny anytime soon? I'd like to get a picture taken with u and make my friends jealous
Nauheed Cyrusi : well nyc is my fav city n im comin there super soon..so who knows might just bump into uu

9-heed : Vikram Bhatt is a very bad filmmaker. plz stop doing his films. plz plz plz
Nauheed Cyrusi : 9 heed ul change ur mind after watchin this film weve done..its superrrrrrrr

Mehru : nauheed see so many ppl are unaware abut u ,i think u shud soon make up ur site
Nauheed Cyrusi : mehru ill look into that for sureee

Deepa : Yours FAV. Bollywood movie?
Nauheed Cyrusi : Chalbaaz N Hera Pheri love them both

Allu : der was one showon Zee music....u as VJ....wat happened to dat
Nauheed Cyrusi : omg zee music was agessssssssssssssss agoo ,,its been forever since that ended:)

Abhinau : when r u plannin 2 marry?
Nauheed Cyrusi : ill marry when i get proposed to ahhaah.

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