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    The show won't go on unless.........

    By Staff

    Courtesy: IndiaFM

    Going abroad and performing for the fellow Indians in the western countries has become an important part of their profession for Bollywood stars. The stars take like a month or so off and fly to U.K., US and Canada performing in almost twenty cities or so within a short span of thirty days. The audiences abroad who are crazy for these stars have a great time watching them perform live but the situation is not the same for the show organizers. It is true that organizing shows with Bollywood actors can be a quite profitable in monetary terms but then handling the star tantrums is a like a major task for the organizers.

    On their trip to shows in foreign countries, the stars behave like spoiled brat taking the organizers for a ride. Not all the organizers readily admit this fact; the truth doesn't cease to exist though.

    Salman Khan who is one of the highest paid stars when it comes to performing abroad, generally makes news more for his offstage drama than onstage performance. There was one time that Salman set the fire alarm twice at London's Brittania Hotel because he hated the place. He also, asked the airport authorities to address a particular actor and his actor girlfriend with some colourful words in Hindi, when their troupe was returning back from a show. Salman actually has a great fan following abroad but they apparently didn't seem to like our Sallu Bhai's signature act of going topless though. In fact, in during one such show show at San Francisco, a sardarji approached the show organizer Deepak Anand and yelled at him for Salman's shirt removing act. And before Anand knew, the troupe was being attacked with tomatoes, eggs and cola cans.

    Star tantrums often begin with the air tickets. Stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Sunny Deol demand to fly only in the first class of British Airways. Then there is Aamir Khan who personally supervises his baggage getting loaded and being received on landing. Well, the actor can't really be blamed for that, since there have been many instances when the stars have reached the foreign country but their luggage hasn't. Such situations land the stars in a big soup. For a particular show Fardeen Khan landed without his bags and the poor guy had to purchase everything from his underwear to formals before he could perform.

    The star tantrums become bigger and bitter as soon as they step into the foreign land. An interesting issue that comes up during foreign tours is the attention seeking behaviour of our stars. They refuse to accept the fact that their area of fame is restricted only to India and some Asian countries. If they visit some far away country in the west, except few desi fans, not many recognise them. This situation becomes very disturbing for our stars. So, to make their presence felt, our stars throw deadly tantrums. Take Aamir Khan for example. Before he steps out of the airport, Aamir wants his security in place. At one instance, he didn't leave the airport for complete two hours, until two six feet tall white bouncers arrived to escort him to his venue.

    But not all plans go so well. Sometimes the stars have to learn it the hard way. Poor Akshay Kumar got trapped in one such tricky situation. For one of his shows Akshay had planned to rise from the audiences and run up to the stage to make a unique entry. But, it turned out that the security in the auditorium wasn't pre informed about that. As a matter of fact, they didn't even know that Akshay is Bollywood star who was about to perform that night. As soon as Akki tried to make his way to the stage, the guards stopped him. When he tried to escape towards the stage, they almost handcuffed him. With great difficulty, Akshay finally, managed to break through the handcuffs but at the cost of his jacket being torn by the security in the struggle.

    During their stay in foreign countries, there is no limit to the level of wild and stupid behaviour that our stars can get into. During one foreign show Manisha Koirala ran out from her hotel and landed up in a New York discotheque. Even there, she behaved at her idiotic best behaviour demanding the nightspot owners to keep the place open beyond its closing time just for her. Seems like your highness of Nepal wasn't really convincing enough for the owners as the place shut down at it regular time. She was so angry over this that she left her handbag with her passport and handbag in the cab. Though she now denies remembering this immature behaviour of hers.

    Our stars believe that they are no less than the members of a royal family and hence getting a very royal treatment on the tours is their right, no matter whichever part of earth they are at. So, even if they might be used to shooting in the worst of conditions back home, our stars become very particular about the hotel facilities.

    The hot babe Mallika Sherawat drove a London Hotel staff crazy because she wanted only uncut fresh fruit and brown bread. Now how come the hotel be so careless about Mallika's demands. Well, maybe they weren't among those few people who saw her international flick.

    A London based organizer confesses that many a times the star moms orders an organizer to even buy sanitary towels for her daughter, or else the actor won't perform. He puts it humbly though saying that these are certain odds that organizers accept as job hazard.

    The poor organizers get badly sandwiched between the tough job of organizing a live concert and even tougher job of fulfilling the demands of the stars. Foreign tours seem to be a brilliant opportunity for our stars to behave at the ugliest best as they are aware that they safely away from the paparazzi and fans who look up to them.

    Besides, tours allow them to make dim-witted demands which they are aware will get fulfilled anyhow. They, thus, emphasize the fact about them being 'celebs' who are extraordinary species and hence they deserve certain royalties.

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