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    Taglines - Ek vishesh tipni....

    By Super Admin

    By: Shweta Vepa, IndiaFM

    Friday, June 09, 2006

    Ever wondered what a tagline for a film is all about? If you jog your memory a bit, you'll recall that most of the films that were churned post 2000, came with their very own taglines. It's like a package deal. Have title, will have tagline. And no matter, if it makes absolutely no sense. A tagline is a must is a must is a must.

    Now if we have a look at these sayings, they range from somewhat sensible to barely relevant to the utterly mindless! Not to mention the sleazy slimeballish ones! Now who is to hammer some sense into most of these film makers? Guys...Adding an extra line to the title, doesn't make your film any better!

    So on a light note, we try and bring to you the best of the lot.

    -Daag - The Fire

    This is the pioneer of taglines that started it all. Now daag literally means stain or mark. What connection the makers were trying to make with fire, beats us! Or is it that the makers were contemplating Aag - The Fire, and did some numerology at the last moment.

    -Shaadi Se Pehle - It's all in the mind

    That's what many of the people who saw the film, also said! Maybe they would have been better off, had the film remained in the minds of the film makers!

    -Classic Dance of Love

    What were the makers of this Mithun Chakravarthy - Meghna Naidu starrer thinking? With a shoddy script and star cast to match, this was anything but a classic!

    -Fight Club Members Only

    Thank you for declaring members only! This is one club for which we wouldn't accept membership, even if you paid us!

    -Aryan The Unbreakable

    Too late for that! With no takers for the release of the film, the stars, their careers and the fate of this film is already broken! Aryan - The Untakeable anybody?

    -Ek Zakhm The Blast

    We're still trying to figure this one out. Probably, the zakhm is what the audience endured after watching the film.

    -Khanjar The Knife

    Gee! Thanks for telling us. Had it not been for you guys, we would have never known!

    -Fun Can Be Dangerous Sometimes

    No arguments on that! Watching this movie is definitely a dangerous proposition!

    -Laila A Mystery

    Another one of Payal Rahatgi's skin flicks. The remaining star (?) cast and box office fate of this one remains just that. A mystery!

    -Chetna The Excitement

    One more score for Payal Rohatgi! Way to go, girl! The cheap thrills have generated enough excitement to last us a lifetime!

    -Mirchi It's Hot

    No. We're not kidding! This is an actual movie! Really! If nothing else, hats off to the producers for originality!

    -Mastaani Lost in a Crowd of Two

    Are they referring to the number of people who actually turned up to watch the film?

    -Hatya The Murderer

    In this case, there seems to be some grammatical confusion regarding basic nouns. Now, hatya translated into English means murder. Whereas here, it refers to the murderer! So go figure what the film is about!

    -Chumban The Kiss

    Sleaze fest alert! Sleaze fest alert! If there was any doubt about what chumban means, the taglines puts all confusion to rest! Our heartfelt thanks to the makers for warning us in advance!

    -Ek Ladki Bholi Bhali Si Adds Spice To Your Life


    -He The Only One

    The launch pad of Mithun Chakravarthy's son could have done away with the tag line. We thank our lucky stars that 'he's' the only one! We shudder to think what would happen if there were more!

    -Umeed The Hope

    Hey! With a title like that, here's another tagline option! Umeed - The Hopeless? What say?

    -Mr 100% - The Real Player

    Then who's Windows Media Player?

    -Adaa Will Kill U

    Seriously guys! Maar hi daaloge!

    -Hosh Be Awake

    (Yawn) You know what? We really tried! But kya karein, control hi nahin hota! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

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