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Saira Banu doesn't want to make a come back

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Are you planning to come up with a biography on Dilipsaab?
Right now, I am busy producing a serial called Stree, which is on air on Doordarshan. It deals with the subject of empowerment of women, which has been a subject very close and dear to me. Journalist Udaya Tara Nair is helping me come up with a biography on Saab too. I'd say that being with Yusuf Saab has taught me a lot. I was far too immature for my age before I married him. In contrast, today's young kids on the block in Bollywood are very smart and intelligent, thanks to the total ambience these days and the exposure they get though television

Why did you turn down Ashutosh Gowarikar's offer to cast you in Jodhaa Akbar as Hrithik Roshan's mother?
I said no politely because Yusufsaab and I need each other now at this stage of our lives. We have to fend for each other now though earlier we had my mother; my grand mother and my brother who were staying with us. Now I have a different set of priorities. I may be abnormal but the fact is that I do not miss acting at all. I cannot deny the truth that my life has been a bed of roses, thanks to my gorgeous husband. Today I do not want to seek glorification by facing the camera and acting once again, all over. Instead, I want to have memories of Saab and me together. I would rather say that serving my husband a cup of coffee in the morning will be more rewarding and enjoyable than appreciation for my performance.

Do you and Dilip Saab manage to catch up with new films now?
Saab and I do not see many films these days. I think the last film we saw was Black. It was a beautiful film. Saab loved it so much that he sent a note to Amitabh Bachchan after Rani Mukerji arranged a screening of the film. Though the film depressed me so much that I came out of the auditorium not once or twice but thrice, the film touched me. Saab likes both Rani as well as Kareena. In fact, recently when I told Kareena that she is a favorite of Saab, she was on seventh heaven.

What have you to say regarding the remake classic hits like Devdas and Don?
I am not a diplomat. I really like Shah Rukh Khan. In fact, though he is like a son to us, I still wonder why he should act in remakes like Devdas and Don. I made it a point not to see Devdas. I cannot tell a lie and say it was nice. It is a bad trend. I subscribe to the view that you can neither replace the old stars nor touch the classics. I asked Sanjay Leela Bhansali why he went in for a remake. Is there a dearth of talent in our country that we cannot make beautiful films like Black and Life is Beautiful?


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