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    Shilpa stands up for herself - Hats off!

    By Staff

    Thursday, January 18, 2007
    Channel 4 which airs big brother probably had a record breaking viewing today in the UK. The whole nation was in for a Shilpa Shock. Everyone tuned in expecting some cooling in the language or sparring between Jade, Shilpa, Jo, Danielle and others.

    The British viewers and press were in deep discussions regarding the racial overtones that they had seen in the last couple of days. Both the Governments including Tony Blair had to comment during questioning in the house of Commons. All were asking for Channel 4 to intervene and ensure that things were not getting worse or showing racial slirs or bullying.

    It appears everything went pretty well for sometime in the morning. As the day passed, one could see the stress in everyone's activity. Were they all tired of being together for 14 days or were they tired of all the fighting.

    The public have sent over 14,000 complaints about the trio of girls grouping against Shilpa and waiting to snap on anything she has to say. Shilpa has been extremely strong from earlier encounters with Jade and before that with Jade's mom. Jade thought that Shilpa may have been responsible for her mom being evicted. Maybe this is in the back of her mind whenever she sees Shilpa. Shilpa is not the only one with tears in this show. Jade, Jackie, Jo, Danielle and even the guys have shed a tear for having got into this Big Brother home. So having said this you can see where Shilpa is getting all the brickbats???

    Shilpa in my mind came close to using her Black belt skills as Jade went on and on about Shilpa's attitude and how she gets things done. Shilpa had started in both instances to talk to the girls about issues pertaining to the Shopping and the Chicken stock. The girls had used up 3 of the 4 cubes for the luncheon at a time when the food ration was so meager. Some planning may have been required if people had to eat for a couple of days.

    The opportunity Jade seized to speak her mind raised some mind boggling questions. Was Shilpa out of her mind to go and start a conversation in front of Jade.... or was Jade capitalizing on the opportunity she had to say some vulgar things about Shilpa. It was like a street fight and Shilpa quickly realized she was involuntarily dragged into one. Jade had bad things to say about Shilpa acting like she is better than Jade. As though Shilpa made her feel like she was one up on her all the time. She complained that in this show all were equal. You could see how Shilpa averted all the lousy statements about her and how she rose above all of that. Just that proved she was one up on Jade.

    The UK public cannot understand how Shilpa is keeping her cool in all this. We know she is strong... her agent expressed that and so did Shilpa's mom in calls to them.

    Here are some questionable thought provoking statements by Shilpa which were aired by channel 4.

    Everyone has accents in this program, so do I. Why do I get singled out by them?

    If they come to my country they cannot speak my language. I can speak theirs and I have a better vocabulary. I am proud of that.

    I am representing my country and this is what today's UK is... Come on.... it's scary..... it's a shame.

    Shilpa you are not the only one who is asking these questions. Other people have. However you are certainly doing one thing... You are making them understand what it is like to go through something like this and your standing strong is making people in the UK understand what a strong culture is. Your ability to hang in there (although at one point Germaine had to get you to go in and stop stooping to Jade's level) has made every person of English background question themselves about themselves and their behavior in groups.

    One thing is certain.... not everyone in the UK behaves like Jade. It is clear that there is a divide in the local population's behavior based on Education and background. Todays episode showed that there was a borderline case of both bullying? Today's out side press statements may have tried to address the Racial overtones but though it did not seem to be there in the house it was almost a showdown day for Jade and Shilpa. Shilpa was deeply disturbed with Jades statements and exchanged with the American colleagues and others that she did not appreciate Jades statements by saying " Don't call me names that I don't deserve to be called. " I don't need to go thro' any of this as I am a star by my own right as I worked for it. Shilpa's statement that Jade came into fame by doing just what she was doing now..... did not go well with Jade's friends. Did Jade get it?.

    Shilpa went on to say the things they say about me are the things thy have to say about themselves probably referring to Jades statement about Shilpa putting her head somewhere.

    Both Michael Jacksons brother Germain and our A team American friend advised Shilpa not to stoop to Jades level by giving her a response. It appeared that the allies were coming to Shilpa's rescue. They even stated that Jade's family background made her insecure and that may be a reason for all the misgivings that Jade has and is responding like this. Jade they thought cannot take it seeing someone as stable as Shilpa.

    Danielle now realizes with Big Brother that she may have some misgivings about the whole episode and the Beauty queen that she was, did not realize Shilpa has come a long way and will definitely feel lost in an environment that is so different. She kind of feels that she should have volunteered and gone and spent time with Shilpa. Shilpa has been doing a lot of cooking for the house mates.

    Whatever the turn of events, Our lady Shilpa Shetty is standing high, responding well even when she slips, and has always maintained that she is a proud Indian and a responsible Indian.

    I guess the way she is going we could do with a few lady Ambassadors like Shilpa for India. Someone who can kind of belong to almost everyone in India.

    Please vote for our Strong Lady Shilpa Shetty and she is definately someone who will capture the hearts of all the British Public too when they get achance to speak with her.

    Good job Shilpa it looks like the stars are now turning to shine on you. Keep Strong.

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