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    Rendezvous with Tusshar Kapoor

    By Super Admin

    After that you have another movie- Shootout at Lokhandwala. So tell us something about that and especially about your character?
    It's got a very huge cast and it's about a real life encounter which took place in 1991 in Lokhandwala and everyone in Bombay knows about that. Maya Dolas's gang was shot at that encounter and I am playing one of the key members of the gang. He was quite a cold blooded person and a sharpshooter.

    It's different from what I have done before. But I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and thanks to Apoorva (Lakhia) and Sanjay Gupta for giving me this opportunity. I am going to start shooting for last song of the film. It's called Ganpat and it's like a very tapori kind of number between all the bad boys. We are shooting it in a bus throughout the city. So I am quiet excited about that.

    What made you to go for that role? After Golmaal I think people started taking you as comic actor.
    I hope it works for me because people will be shocked but I guess everyone must experiment, everybody has to experiment. You can't be stuck in doing the same kind of roles and I think Shootout at Lokhandwala will change that thing because I have done everything. I have done serious roles as well as romance and comedy. Only thing that I haven't done is an action, negative, tapori character and this should I guess show people that I can do that too. I hope people react to it positively because I think today everyone is open to different things. You can't just be pleasing the kids all the time or the family audiences. You have to get into the masses as well. You are always satisfying some part of the audience and I guess Shootout at Lokhandwala will do that for me in someway.

    Tell us something about your role in Priyadarshan's Dhol.
    It's an out and out comedy about four guys who are good for nothings. They are losers and are living each day as it comes, chasing women- Tanushree Datta especially. They land up in a Dhol controversy and where that takes them forms the film.

    Dhol controversy? What is that?
    Title of the film is Dhol. So this whole track, mystery behind the dhol and how they get trapped in that.

    What is your role in the film?
    I playing a guy called Sam. Sam is one of these guys and as stupid as them, as useless as them but somewhere he is trying to put some control into their madness and trying to bring some method into the madness.

    What about Good Boy Bad Boy?
    Good Boy Bad Boy is a campus musical and it comes from Mukta Arts. It's about one good boy and a bad boy and how they become best friends influenced by one another and do things against the wishes of people around them. They change the whole ambience in college and that's where the message is actually delivered that it's not important to be good or bad, it's important to be smart.

    Emraan plays a bad boy so that means you play a good boy. So what is good boy doing?
    The good boy is focused and a very intelligent, straightforward person who wants to come up the hardway and not use shortcuts. While the bad boy is somebody who believes that he should to be left to do what he wanted to do and there shouldn't be any exams. He is somebody who wants the easy way out and its not good to be either of them. I think you have to have a balance in both. So that's were these two characters are headed.

    So how was it working with Ashwini Choudhary?
    Ashwini is a very calm person. He is a very good human being and I think the best part of Ashwini was that he is not too hard on the actors. He is not very rigid about scenes; he is very open to changes. I think he can work in any conditions, no matter how much stress there is, no matter what the situation rather he will deliver.

    What is the USP of the film?
    USP of the film is the concept of two different individuals and how they influence one another and essentially it's a fun film which people in the summer would like to see.

    How about the music?
    Music is by Himesh Reshmmiya and it's his kind of music. It's got pep, the energy, the youthfulness. He has sung a couple of songs and essentially its very commercial music which I think all kinds of audiences would like.

    Now there is two sequels coming up like Golmaal 2 and Kya Hot Hain Hum. So tell us something about that. First Golmaal 2?
    Golmaal 2 is going to start at very end of this year and of course all are the same people will be there. I am playing Lucky again who can't speak but now the story is different. Ajay is married. So many things are different now in this part.

    What will be the different thing in the film?
    I don't want to reveal that right now because it is too soon but as for Kya Hot Hain Hum I haven't heard the script yet but we are trying to get the same team again. Sangeeth (Sivan) and Riteish (Deshmukh). Let's see how that works out.

    That was about the casting but what about your role. Will it be the same role?
    It will be the same, both the characters are same. Mine is the innocent one.

    Is there any kind of role that you are looking forward to?
    I am really looking forward to the release of Kya Love Story Hai, Good Boy Bad Boy, Shoot Out at Lokhandwala, Dhol and then there is a film Agar that I have just completed.

    Tell us something about Agar, Anant Mahadevan's film?

    It's a romantic thriller and it's about a guy who loses his mental balance in his romantic life and how he tries to regain his senses. It's essentially a very good role. It has a lot of shades and at the same time the film is very entertaining.


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