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"Hijack is not a replica of Die Heard"- Kaveri Jha

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Kaveri Jha
In an industry where a new girl makes her debut every Friday, here is a girl who comes as a breath of fresh air. Instead of playing the waiting game, let us tell you that she is none other then Kaveri Jha, who has indeed really stunned everyone by her power packed performance in the recently released film Hijack, where she plays the love interest of Shiney Ahuja. Moreover, Kaveri also happens to be one of the Femina Miss India contestants and an ardent animal lover. We caught up with this gorgeous and talented actor to talk on her debut film Hijack and much more. Here are the excerpts:

Your debut film Hijack just released. Are you excited, nervous, or just simply chilled out?
I think I'm feeling all of them. I'm waiting for people's reaction, what they are going to say, what people are going to talk about me, write about me, about the film. So yes there is excitement, there is anticipation, there is nervousness, there is lot of, you could say that happiness wala excitement because my film is releasing.

A lot of people feel that Hijack is inspired by the Die Hard series? Have you seen any of the Die Hard films?
I would not agree that it is a replica of Die Hard because it is not. And this film is so uniquely on Hijack that it can't be based on any other film. When you see the film, you will realize that it has its own story line. So, I would not agree that the film is replica of Die Hard.

What is your role in the film and how did you bag this role?
Let me answer the second part of your question first; I came to know that the director of the film Kunal Shivdasani was casting for the movie through his office. I auditioned for it and ended up giving three auditions for the role. And, after that I got selected for the role, this really came as a surprise for me as there were some really good people for the audition.

As for my role in the film, I play a very high profile girl but at the same time she believes in relationships. And, I bring the romantic element to the film even though the film is out-n-out action thriller.

Before entering films, what was your background like?
I'm working as an air-hostess in Air India and am still continuing to do that.

So henceforth will you stop working as a cabin crew?
No. I'm not going to stop either because I love both the professions very much. Yes, it is very obvious that I have to quit one or the other someday but I will try to pull both as long as I can. However, if my film career is doing well, then certainly I will quit my job because I always wanted to be in films.

Are you personally a fan of action films? Who according to you fits the action hero's bill in Bollywood and Hollywood?
I think Shiney might be the new action hero of India because after this movie, Shiney is actually going to be seen in a very different light. Till now, Shiney has played a role of unsuccessful man, a lover, and a gangster. But here you will see him in a completely path breaking action flick. And the best part of it is that he has played his part with full conviction. Hence, for me Shiney fits the action hero bill perfectly.

The film has a lot of stunts, are you doing any if yes how did you prepare for it?
No, I didn't have any stunt scenes. As I said I bring the romance in the movie, so I don't have any action sequences. And, I think I missed out on that note, but I think after this film, I may get to do some of those.

We haven't seen much of you during the promos, so are you a surprise package in it?
I wanted to be a part of the promotions but I was shooting down South for my movies. That is the reason why I couldn't participate for the promotions. Now most of the promotions are done but whichever is left I'm doing those. Like I did Vaar Parivaar and I also attended the music release of the film.

How was the experience working with Shiney Ahuja and Esha Deol? How has been your equation with them?
Shiney's a great co-star and, I couldn't have asked for a better co-star because the best thing about him is that he makes his co-stars feel very comfortable. He also helped me with the dialogues when I was having problem at a particular time. I think I can't thank him enough for that and my performance has surely improved to a certain extent because of him. With Esha Deol, I didn't have any scenes and the only time, I met her was during the music release when we exchanged a few words; I think she is a very talented and sweet girl and prefer to remain quiet. Apart from this, I really don't have any idea about her.

Along with you, this is also the director Kunal Shivdasani's first film. How did you find him for his first film?
This is Kunal's first film but he is an ace ad film maker; he has made a lot of brilliant ads, so his sense of direction is perfect. And because of this he knows how to package everything in a little bit and he doesn't let anything drag. Really, this is the best part of his film making. He is brilliant director and makes sure that his cast and crew remain very comfortable and are well taken care off. He never lost his temper on the sets. He is very talented and I'm sure he will go to places after this movie.

Kunal Shivdasani is very talented and I'm sure he will go to places after this movie.

How did Kunal react to your performance during the shoot?
He was pretty happy with it and chilled out. Infact, he told me don't act; just be yourself. And because of that I think it was quite convenient and interesting. Moreover, we both shared a great rapport while we were working and we are still good friends. I think that came across in the movie as well because having a great rapport with your director and technicians also adds to your final performance.

Which is your personal favorite scene from the film?
The scene where Shiney asks me to get married to him is the cutest scene on earth.

Tell us something about the music of the film and your favorite track.
The music of the film has been scored by Justin-Uday and my favorite track is Aksar. I think, they both have done a great job and have actually come a nice mix of slow songs, sad songs and romantic songs. Moreover, it's a good collection to have and the music is certainly going to add to the film.

What are your expectations from the film?
Well, I'm expecting the film to do well; I won't be modest about it (laughs). I'm expecting the film to be a big hit. Also I want people to appreciate my work as they will see me for the first time in a full fledged role. I hope people appreciate the hard work that the team has put in because every one has given their best.

Finally what other projects do you have in the pipeline?
There are a couple of films in the pipeline but nothing has been finalized as yet. I'm also doing a couple of south films.

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