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Arshad and Bips at loggerheads?

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Wednesday, April 11, 2007
The Arshad-John face-off is nothing more than a media creation. Or so Arshad says. And we've no reason to disbelieve him. He's been bonding big-time in London with his Kabul Express co-star.

Arshad Warsi, currently shooting for Goal in London, is horrified by the stories of his supposed showdown with Bipasha Basu.

"Nothing of that sort happened. I came late on location because my driver came late. Some member of the cast is always coming late. It's inevitable. I said sorry and we all moved on. The next thing I know there're stories of showdown with Bipasha. What rubbish!"

Arshad sees this as yet another attempt to pitch him against John. "This whole Bipasha bunkum was invented to make it seem like I'm extending my supposed cold war with John to her. There's no problem with John and certainly not with Bipasha. I can't say we've been spending time together. We went out for dinner together just once. After that my wife Maria was here, so John and Bipasha were on their own. Besides, after shooting the whole night for Goal every day, all I want is to be alone in my space until we meet up on location. That doesn't mean we're at loggerheads."

Arshad blames the Bipasha-John stories on vested interests. "There're people out there in Mumbai who are trying to make us seem like these sworn enemies. I know who they are. And I've told them to back off."

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