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    Karan Arjun

    Karan Arjun

    Release Date : 13 Jan 1995
    Director : Rakesh Roshan
    Critics Rating
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    Karan Arjun is the story of ultimate patience and absolute belief. Rakhee is the mother of Karan & Arjun, who are killed by the evil man Durjan Singh(Amrish Puri) but her belief in goddess Kali, allows Karan & Arjun to be born again. Karan & Arjun get born in the city, away from the village that they lived in their previous life.

    When Karan & Arjun grow up they don't remember anything except the feeling they know each other from somewhere. So the questions arise, will Karan & Arjun recall who they are?, Will they get back to their village to their mother who has been waiting for 20 years? and Will they take their revenge against Durjan Singh?
    • Rakesh Roshan
    • Rajesh Roshan
      Music Director
    • Indeevar
    • Sadhana Sargam
    • Mohammad Aziz
    • days ago
      One word which describes the entire film is, "Outstanding", this film is totally perfect in all respects. Acting done by all the actors are spectacular. Roles performed by "Shahrukh" and "Salman" are brilliant, "Rakhee" as in their mother role is superb on the other hand Late "Ambrish Puri" is best as like as ever and "Kajol" & "Mamata" are also good. First choice for the role of "Vijay" means "Arjun" of "Rakesh Roshan" was "Ajay Devgn" but he couldn't signed the film because of his busy schedule thus "Rakesh Roshan" chose "Shahrukh Khan" for the role of "Arjun" and really it was very suitable to him. Songs composed by "Rajesh Roshan" were the biggest hit of that time and songs like "Ye Bandhan To" & "Jaati Hoon Main" are still evergreen. Lyricist "Indeevar" had wrote mind blowing lyrics for the songs & in short everything within this film is best and my rating for this film is 5/5. 1 for best acting 1 for best script 1 for best screenplay 1 for best direction 1 for best music

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