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    Hollywoods gets along with only Hollywood.

    By Super Admin

    Relationships are as much about common ground as much as about fate. Infact good relationships have failed once life took off after the marrige. And sustaining a relationship has the quite the same qualities as sustaining a friendship. It has lots to do with common ground - doing the same stuff, having the same intrests and having the same kind of fun together. Maybe that's why they get along well, fall in and fall out of love, fall in and fall out of friendship...because they anyway are bound to spend time together and statistics say that more time people spend around each other, the more acquainted they get, The more acquainted they get, the more they will tend to like each other and ...

    It is no secret my celebrities get together with only celebrities most of the time. Chris Martin-Gwenyth Paltrow(Martin couldn't have possibly met Gwenyth Paltrow before he was world touring or something), Bonjovi guitarist Richard Sambora - Heather Locklear, Madonna - Guy Ritchie...they ALL might have met while on world tours, on set, at parties, film and music awards or something. There are a few who have remained from this course-of course marrying long time school friends (Bonjovi) or marrying one of common people (Jessica Sklar-Jerry Seinfeld).

    Taking the Hollywood route to love doesn't really make it work either. Love is about more simple things. It's much more than about compatibility and comfort. It's measured by how the tough times go. In this case when the tough times comes and just brings about signs of difficulty and a divorce is in order. Moreover it's a whole lot more about status. The money involved in the affair is more about boasting of what status one has in Hollywood. Of course, there are ones who humble themselves and remind themselves that their journey to the top was humble and make good of their achievement in the movie business. But those who make a affair with no humility factor at all -well maybe the whole struggle which resulted in them being of such a status in the business makes them bitter because of which they are rude thus the boost in attitude. Their status makes even degrade the sanctity of marrige. They give and take spouses as and when they feel like. Maybe people in general cant buy love...really...but they can (atleast they think they can) when it disagrees with them they go for the next best offer around as if the need to have a someone to "love" is a status to keep instead of a relationship to enjoy.

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