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Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: Deleted Portions From The Book

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Fifty Shades of Grey might have released, but the movie is surprise when it comes to the adaptation from the bestselling book.

Although it is not possible to get all the descriptive long pages to a 2 hour movie, we were expecting to see every tiny details being implemented on the big screen (expecting too much we know).

We all know what happens in the erotic best-selling novel. It is good to see that the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey has given justice to the story rather plot of the book. However, some changes and omission was noted in the movie.

For example, it was cleared earlier itself that the movie will not have all the sex scenes we read passionately on the pages of the novel between the kinky billionaire, Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and his new fling, Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson).

Apart from the removal of the infamous tampon sex scene, one of the major scene omitted from the Fifty Shades first adaptation from the trilogy is, Anastasia Steele's job. There is no mention about her career employment. The time when Anastasia chooses SAP instead of Christian Grey's company and works for her new boss, Jade Hyde has not been mentioned in the movie.

If we take a look at the last scene, it has been modified a little. We were informed sometime back that author of the Fifty Shades trilogy,E.L. James, wanted to change the ending of the movie. Well, this is what happened. Ana leaves Christian after the whipping she receives, and when she expresses him that she loves him.

The break up has been very brief and has not shown the time when she leaves him an goes to her house, crying all alone hugging the Charlie Tango balloon. Instead, the ending shows Anastasia leaving Christian's house and the elevator door closes, just a repetition of his office scene when she leaves post the interview saying 'Christian.'

Here are the omitted portions from Fifty Shades of Grey book we did not see in the movie.

Not Much Sex

One of the things we won't see in the adaptation is sex. Not all the sex scenes which we read in almost every third page of the book has been shown in the movie.

Forget The Food Fights

Remember Christian Grey has a problem with food. Whenever Anastasia used to meet him, the couple used to talk about food when she either wanted him or got more information from the 'fu***d up man which would kill her appetite. Well, in the movie we will not see Grey as the controlling man who has food fights with her.

The Infamous Tampon Scene

The tampon scene which is erotic to many and gross to the others is not seen in the movie.

Snippet: "When did you start your period, Anastasia?" he asks out of the blue, gazing down at me. "Err... yesterday," I mumble in my highly aroused state. "Good."

He releases me and turns me around.
"Hold on to the sink," he orders and pulls my hips back again, like he did in the playroom, so I'm bending down.

He reaches between my legs and pulls on the blue string... what! And gently pulls my tampon out and tosses it into the nearby toilet. Holy f--k. Sweet mother of all... Jeez. And then he's inside me... ah!

Anastasia's Job At SAP

Even after Christian Grey offers her a job at his company, Ana tries her hands in getting a job at SAP, a publishing house. Well, her job and new boss, Jade Hyde has been kept for the sequel we guess.

Her Inner Goddess and Subconsciousness Talks

We get to read Ana's point and her 'Oh My..." etc from inner goddess and subconsciousness throughout the pages of the series. However, it's not been expressed in the movie.

The Boathouse

The boathouse scene after family dinner when Anastasia has a punished quickie with Christian Grey, for not telling him about drinking with her friend, Jose is also omitted.

The Ending

After being whipped, Anastasia cries and in that emotion expresses her feelings for the first man who deflowered her and made her go head over heels for him. However, she breaks up with him and leaves. The scene has been cut short and the movie ends when she is leaving Escala. The elevator closes and she leaves Grey. It is much like the scene we see after the interview.

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