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Mummy and Me - Review

By: By Gayathry V Pillai
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Mummy and Me, directed by Jithu Joseph is a sensible film with lots of genuine things and facts in it. With some good moments and instances, the film catches the attention of the audience that indeed shares a message too.

The story tells about Jewel ( Archana Kavi ), a teenager, who lives with her parents and her brother. Like all teens, she is also a bit stubborn girl who likes to be free all the time. But she finds it very difficult to adjust with the restrictions imposed on her by her mother Clara ( Urvashi ). There always occur constant fights between the mother and the daughter and the father Joseph ( Mukesh ) is very much worried about this.

Rahul, who is an MBA student, is their family friend and has feelings for Jewel. But he does not have the courage to tell her his feelings for her. After sometime there suddenly occurs some changes in Jewel and nobody discover the reason for the change. But its all because of her chat friend Amir. Things start changing from there on.
The theme is a very good one and it focus on the modern usage of Internet and Chatting. They are used in a different manner in the film. Jewel shows many changes all because of a chat friend. She even started hating her mom and its reason is not revealed here. It leads to an assumption that all teens are likewise.

With regard to performances, all have done quite well but Urvashi's performance is the most applauded one. Archana Kavi has tried to portray the frustrations of a teenager but is not that impressive. Kunchacko has done well but feels quite uncomfortable seeing him as a student. Mukesh as always is impressive.

Sejo John's music is very good and melodious. Vipin Mohan's visuals are okay. The director has taken every effective step to make the film impressive and he is successful to an extent. The film is interesting in the first two hours. Though the matter is told in an old manner, the film is a relief from all the masala and unnatural concepts.
Mummy and Me, overall is a watchable film with a good storyline. It won't make you feel bored but don't expect too much. Watchable for a relaxing mood.

Movie: Mummy and Me

Cast: Archana Kavi, Urvashi, Mukesh, Kunchacko Boban....

Direction: Jithu Joseph

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