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Sakhavu Movie Review: Has Its Heart At The Right Place, But..

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Sakhavu starring Nivin Pauly in the lead role has made it to the theatres today (April 15, 2017). The film, directed by Sidhartha Siva is definitely one of the big movies of this summer season.

Sidhartha Siva himself has penned the script for the movie. Sakhavu has been bankrolled by B Rakesh under the banner Universal Cinemas.

Sakhavu Movie Review


The story of Sakhavu revolves around Krishnakumar, who is a Student leader with a selfish attitude. One day, he visits a hospital, as he has been assigned with a duty. There he gets to know about Sakhavu Krishnan and his history, which brings about a change in Krishnakumar's attitude.

Read on to know how the cast & crew members of Sakhavu have fared forthe movie..

Nivin Pauly As Krishnakumar/Krishnan

Nivin Pauly appears in dual roles, one as the young leader Krishnakumar and the other as Sakhavu Krishnan. The actor excels in the role of Krishnakumar aka Kichu and does it with effortless ease. He successfully evokes laughter in many of the sequences and the spontaneity in his performance is worth mentioning.

But, it was the role of Krishnan, which offered him good scope for performance. It was a decent performance from him as Krishnan but at the same time, he slips in some of the most important sequences in the movie, in the second half. Dialogue delivery at times looked a bit artificial.

Aishwarya Rajesh As Janaki

Aishwarya Rajesh portrays Janaki, wife of Sakhavu Krishnan. She is a real talent and does justice to both the younger and older versions of her character. At the same time, the character remains underdeveloped in the movie.

Gayathri Suresh As Aishwarya

Actress Gayathri Suresh appears as Aishwarya, a nurse working in the government hospital. The actress has nothing much to do in the movie and appears in only very few sequences of the movie.

Aparna Gopinath As Neeti

We all know her caliber as an actress and in Sakhavu, she gets to play the role of Neeti, daughter of Sakhavu Krishnan. She excels in her role and look out for the police station sequence where she simply steals the show.

Sreenivasan As The Doctor

Sreenivasan makes a smashing entry in the movie, with a powerful sequence. But that particular sequence remains the only noteworthy scene for the actor in him. He was side-lined in what could be called as a guest appearance.

Rest Of The Cast

Sakhavu also features actor like Sudheesh, Aliyar, V K Prakash, Santhosh Keezhattoor, Musthafa, Sreelakshmi etc., in it. All of them have done their part to perfection. Special mention to Althaf and Baiju, who have nailed it with their performances.

Script & Direction Sidhrtha Siva

Sidhartha Siva, the man who helmed some classics like Ain, Zaheer, 101 Chodyangal has penned the script and called the shots for the movie. He has a wafer thin plot to narrate through Sakhavu, but his screenplay holds the viewers tight in many of the sequences.

Coming to the film-maker in him, it seems like he was left confused to make a class movie or a film for the masses. Some sequences in the second half looks like over the board, and forced in just to add commercial elements. The pacing of the movie also creates a concern.

But, the director in him shows some real brilliance, especially in sequences towards the climax. Importantly, he is successful in delivering an important message on how a true communist should be. He was successful in inspiring the viewers at parts and kudos for that. He has also done a commendable job in the flashback sequences, where the Kerala of the 1950's and 1960's are shown.

Other Technicalities

Popular cinematographer George C Williams has handled the camera department of the movie. We get to see his brilliance in the flashback sequences, where the story moves to the hilly terrains of Peeramedu. An impressive work from the cinematographer indeed.

Vineeb Krishnan, who has edited the movie, could have kept the runtime of the movie under check. Song and BGM by Prashanth Pillai are mighty impressive and set the tone for the movie, most of the times.

Overall View

As mentioned above, Sakhavu does put forward a very important message by taking us through its two main lead characters. The story of the film is nothing new but the movie's intent is to be an eye-opener and an inspiring tale, on which the film succeeds at instances.

But still, the pacing of the movie might test the patience of the viewers. Proceedings also take a predictable turn, which hinders the viewing experience at parts. The runtime of the film is above 2hrs and 40 mins and one would feel whether such a detailing was required for the story that it had to narrate. The mix of mass and class hasn't done much good to the movie.

Nevertheless, Sakhavu is definitely a watchable one for the message that it puts forward. The flashback sequences in the first half are a treat to watch. The changes that come in the lead character Krishnakumar have been shown in a convincing fashion and such moments of brilliance, where the audiences get inspired, work pretty well for the movie.


Sakhavu has its heart at the right place. The movie will inspire you and can be an eye-opener for many. But still, the movie could have been a lot better.

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