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Yoko One drugged John Lennon

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John Lennon
Washington (ANI): John Lennon's former mistress claims that the late Beatle"s wife Yoko Ono 'rugged' him during his attempts to kick the butt. Lennon dated Pang for 18 months from 1974 to 75 in what is famously known as his 'lost weekend'. However, he eventually returned to his wife. Pang now claims that Ono's methods of getting the singer to stop smoking were rather unconventional.

"He wasn't ready to go back. It wasn't as clear cut as, 'I'm going to leave you and go home.' He went over there for this method she had to quit smoking. He was going to come back. He said, 'Don't worry, I'll be gone for a couple of hours. I'll be back, we'll go for dinner.' He was gone all weekend," Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.

"I couldn't get through to him there. Every time I called, Yoko said, 'He's sleeping, he's sleeping.' When I saw him on Monday, something wasn't right. Something had gone on. "When I asked him, he said, 'I drank this tea Yoko gave me and I threw up.' I could see a whole different person. But I only knew what he was telling me. Did he think he was being drugged? If he did, he wasn't telling me. He wouldn't say much. I let it go. Maybe it's my naivety," she added.

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