Bigg Boss Tamil 6: "I beg You Not To Telecast The Fight As It Would Harm My Reputation,"  Azeem Requests


    The tribe-alien task is taking its toll on the housemates, as could be seen in the live stream. While the showmakers try their best to telecast the best of the best to keep their TRP high, the contestants, on the other hand, try their best to keep themselves in the loop and stay ahead in creating content, thereby winning hearts.

    Their "strategic game" eventually tends to change the flow of the entire task as they predict, but it sometimes goes too far for the audiences. The High-intensity fights, above-the-lung screams, extreme and aggressive behavior, and nonsensical defensive arguments by a few housemates are at times irritating to watch.

    One such episode happened yesterday when Amuthavanan and Azeem confronted each other.

    Azeems Appeal To Bigg Boss Following His Altercation

    To recall, Kathiravan had entered the house and was confined by the Alien Team. He tried to break his ties and escape. Amuthavanan, who was seen frustrated with the game's flow, pounced on Kathiravan on the pretext of getting hold of him and roughed him up. This angered Kathiravan, who shouted at Amuthavanan for manhandling him. Azeem rushed to his rescue.

    The video clip that went viral instantly showed Azeem nudging Amuthavanan backward with his palm. While Amuthavanan claims Azeem hurt him hard, Azeem refuted the claim.

    Following this, the housemates started to voice their opinions. Janany and Myna Nandhini were seen saying that the fault was on either side for provoking and using physical violence to overpower the opponent. Vikraman and a few others said it was Azeem's fault for disrupting the game's flow and causing a commotion.

    While all the events that happened during the brief pause were not televised in the one-hour broadcast, unseen clips reveal the developments.

    Azeem was seen apologising in front of the camera. He further said he had to retaliate as he could not see Kathiravan being harmed. Also, Azeem requested that Bigg Boss not to telecast the fight, as it might harm his reputation. Azeem further said that he lost his temper and fought with Amuthavanan, which was his fault, and that he has sought an apology from Amuthavanan too.

    He asked that the Big Boss team take his request seriously because it was a spur of the moment decision and he didn't mean it.

    The video has been shared virally on social media, and fans are condemning Azeem for losing his cool despite receiving a severe warning from Kamal Haasan every week.

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