En Uyir Thozhan Hero Babu Passes Away; Here's How The Accident Happened?

En Uyir Thozhan Hero Babu

En Uyir Thozhan Hero Babu Passes Away: Actor Babu introduced by Bharathiraja in the film En Uyir Thozhan, passed away today.

Aei Raasaathi Song Gave Him The Much Needed Fame

It was only after Bharathiraja came to direct films that many people from the villages started boldly invading Chennai with the dream of making films. Similarly, Bhagyaraj, Manivannan, Manobala, who were his assistant directors, became famous directors and actors in India.

Bharathiraja has so far directed more than 100 films and introduced many actors and actresses in cinema. Actor Babu was one of those he introduced. In 1990, Bharathiraja directed the film En Uyir Thozhan. Although the film did not go well, Babu was identified with the song 'Aei Raasaathi Poo Soodi Vaa Vaa Vaa' featured in the film. He also earned a reputation as a good actor.

As a result, he acted in Ponnuku Sethi Vandachu, Thayamma and Perumpulli. Ramarajan chose films in the village style and reached out to common audiences at that time. Babu also had all the possibilites to become like Ramarajan.

Accident During Fight Sequence

He acted in his fifth film, Manasara Vazhthungalen. In one of the fight scenes, he refused to use body double and took a risk by acting himself. The film crew has strongly warned that this is risky and some kind of disaster is going to happen. But Babu took a risk and jumped from a height of many feet. He fell down and fractured his back bone as predicted. After several surgeries, it never healed.

Babu was bedridden for the last 30 years. Bharathiraja too recently visited Babu in person to inquire about his well-being. In this situation, his health condition got too weak and he was admitted to the hospital. But he died today morning at his bed. His death has left the film industry in mourning.


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