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"Biggest Loser Jeetega" winner speaks out

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Acting in television was a distant dream for bank employee Sandeep Sachdev. That was till he won reality show "Biggest Loser Wins". Now, it's not just television that has opened its doors for him, he is even getting offers from Bollywood. Sandeep shares his experience of being part of the contest.

Now that you have won "Biggest Loser Wins", how does it feel?
Oh, it feels great. It's a different world for me now. I am still relishing the winning moment. At times, I wonder if it is a dream or a reality.

What made you join this show?
I wanted to act in television and losing weight was something I always aspired for. When I heard about this contest, my joy knew no bounds. It was a double opportunity for me – to lose weight and come on television.

Did you ever feel while doing the show that you want to quit?
A mental pressure was there. But I had entered the show with the aim to prove myself, so leaving was never on my mind. I knew I was competing against strong contenders and had to be determined and focused to survive till the end.

What kept you going?
Every week I could see that I was losing weight. I believed in giving my best each day. As I lost weight, my self-confidence increased. That made me push my limits further.

Tell us something about the fitness regime that you followed on the show?
We used to get up at 7.30 am and then work out for one and half hours. This session included warm-up sessions. This was followed by breakfast. Then we would rest till 12.30 pm. Before commencing body sessions, we used to have plenty of fruits to ensure good glucose level in our bodies. Lunch was at 2 pm, after which it was rest for three hours. The third session was from 5 pm to 7.30 pm. Then we would eat egg white and follow it up with dinner at 8 pm. We were made to do various types of exercises, from spinning to cardio, and weight training to mountaineering. We even did a bit of martial arts.

Out of all the contestants who do you think was the most dedicated?
It would be very unwise to name any one. However, I think Gracious D'costa, Ajay Nagrath and Natasha Grover were a source of inspiration for me. Their dedication made me push myself to the extreme, something I had never tried earlier.

Besides the weight loss, what else have you gained from the show?
Yes, it's much more than just weight loss. I always aspired to get into television but never knew movies would come my way. It's like a dream come true. I won't call it a fairytale but it's no less than a miracle. I still cannot digest this.

You took up this challenge to prove to somebody or did you want to prove to yourself?
I did it for myself. I had to prove to myself and needed a reward at the end, which this show had.

You have bagged a film contract, along with an advance. How interested are you in acting?
Absolutely, I am very much interested in acting. I am open to all kinds of roles as I believe in making the best use of opportunity. I also believe in doing things with perfection so I am even thinking of joining acting workshops. Although I have done theatre in Delhi, I want to do some serious homework before stepping into films.

What's next for you?
I am going off to Delhi on September 7 to meet my family and friends. Then I have to attend a friend's marriage after which I have planned a two-week trip to New Zealand with friends. My office has granted me leave and I might even work there for a few days if I have time before I take up acting classes.

There are a lot of people who are obese and lack confidence. What message would you like to give them?
I would like to ask all of them to push themselves a little extra. That will fetch them success. You have stones lying in your path. It's you who must decide whether to build a wall or a bridge with them. Making a bridge would always yield positive results.

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