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Punar Vivah: Romance Brewing Between Raj And Sarita?

By: Girija Narayan
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In the show Punar Vivah - Ek Nayi Umeed, with Raj saying NO to divorcing his wife, Sarita, the lives of these lead characters are taking a different turn altogether.

Aarti Sindhia from the previous Punar Vivah, played by Kratika Sengar, was on the show for a one hour long episode. She enters the second Punar Vivah as Sarita's friend. She then persuades the couple Raj and Sarita to participate in a contest for husband and wives.

The contest showed how compatible Raj and Sarita are. Though both of them brush this off by saying the reason for this is the 10 year old friendship they have had, Aarti would see through them. She realises they have love for each other and it is only in time they would have to accept the love they have for each other.

Raj and Sarita who had decided to get a divorce, so they can move forward to getting married again, seem to be thinking things through. Especially Raj, who thinks he is still in love with Divya, decides to get his wife married off first so he can move on with his life, married to Madhu. But when they set out to get a divorce first, Raj is the one who declares he does not want a divorce!

Sarita, on the other hand, is head over heals for her beloved husband. She decides to get married to another person so that he can marry his long lost love.

With Raj saying 'No' to the divorce, it shelved for the time being. But there seems to be something else altogether brewing below the friendship they have. After ten years of their loveless marriage, they are getting a lot closer to each other off late. Let's wait and watch how their lives change.

Aarti In Punar Vivah 2

Our beloved actress from the first Punar Vivah was on the second Punar Vivah. She entered as Sarita's friend.

Raj And Sarita

Taj and Sarita during the couple's competition realised how compatible they are with each other.

Aarti Saw Through Them

Aarti could see Raj and Sarita were in love with each other and in time they will realise it.

Sarita Loves Raj

Aarti would understand what Sarita is going through. She sees how much Sarita loves Raj. Aarti also sees that Raj does have feeling for Sarita, but has not realised it yet.

Punar Vivah: Romance Brewing Between Raj And Sarita?

Raj says NO to their divorce shocking both Sarita and himself. But he does not want her to mistake this and think he is developing feeling for her.

Raj And Sarita Know Everything About Each Other

Raj and Sarita know everything about each other. Sarita knows she loves Raj and so she knows all of it. Raj is confused about his feelings.


Romance simmering without them realising it. Let's wait and watch where the story goes.

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