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Qubool Hai: Zoya challenged to bare acid mehandi!

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With Tanveer declaring war against Zoya, things are pretty serious between them in the Zee TV's show Qubool Hai. With everything out in the open between them, Tanveer has stepped up a notch to hurt Zoya.

With mehandi around the corner, Tanveer is desperate to separate the two in love. She tries to embarrass Zoya in front of the Imam. Tanu would have made Zoya lick a chemical which made her dizzy just before they sit in front of the Imam. Zoya when asked to recite the five kalmas, is not in a state to concentrate nor say a word.

When Zoya excuses herself to refresh, confronts Tanveer about this. Tanveer knowing no one is around dares to threaten her with a sharp pencil aiming Zoya's eyes. This was just the preview of what she would dare to do. Zoya when back to Maulwi, much for Tanveer's irritation recites all the five kalmas without any hiccups.

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Ecstatic Dilshad

When Mehandi ceremony starts, Zoya, Asad and Dilshad are very delighted. Dilshad, in particular, is very happy and gifts Zoya a necklace. Zoya in return gifts Dishad too.

Asad Supports Zoya

When Zoya appears for the mehandi ceremony, she would have worn the dress Asad had given her. The white sleeveless dress. Asad is elated to watch Zoya. Even when Tanveer tries to create a scene regarding her attire and skin show, Asad supports Zoya by saying, if he does not have a problem, none have to worry about her.

Zoya's Challange

Tanveer when fails to make Asad see her point regarding Zoya's dress, aims Zoya directly instead. She mixes acid in Zoya's mehandi and challenges her to hide her feeling now. Zoya is shocked to hear this.

Mehandi Ritual

Dishad talks about the mehandi ritual, where the grooms name would be written in the bride's mehandi and the groom is challenged to find his name. And if in case the groom fails to find his name, will have to give a gift to the bride.

Will Zoya Stand The Acid Mehandi?

The mehandi ceremony starts, and mehandi is applied on Zoya's hands. We have to wait and watch if Zoya will or will not stand the pain of applying mehandi containing acid.

Strongest Zoya

Zoya is strong enough to sit through the whole mehandi ceremony. She manages to bear the pain and puts on a mask of happiness.

Asad Has Got To Find His Name

Asad and Zoya, much in love, are happy with the mehandi ceremony. Asad unaware of what was happening between Zoya and Tanveer thinks everything is as happy as it seems.

Sneak Peak

We will have to watch today's episode to know what exactly happens after Tanveer's threatening Zoya with the acid mehandi. Will Zoya sit through the mehandi with acid on her hands? Or will she reveal the truth to everyone? We will have to wait and watch.

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