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Beintehaa: Aaliya To Test Zain Three Times For Each Divorce!

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Beintehaa's Aaliya and Zain have got the show spiced up with their fights off late. Aaliya slaps Zain for getting too close too fast, when she is not yet got over the divorce issue yet. Now, she challenges him to pass her three tests for her to forgive his three divorces.

In the previous episode, Aaliya slaps Zain across his face for forcing her to start being normal with him. After the divorce and all that has happened, Aaliya has moved away from Zain. The betrayal she felt when Zain divorced her has made her immune to her inner feelings for him.

Even after the slap, when Zain asks her to forgive him, Aaliya decides to test him three times, each for the three divorces he gave her. She would explain that when Zain ruthlessly divorced her even when she begged him not to, without even the consideration of her repeated justifications, she is not in a position to forgive him that easy.

Aaliya would start Zain's first test, which includes blindfolding him and making him experience the hurt of betrayal from a loved one. She would first ask him to chop vegetables blindfolded. When Zain would be in the impression that she would not let him hurt himself, she would not even flinch when he cuts his finger.

She would then decide to take him roaming, blindfolded. Let's wait and watch Beintehaa to see how Zain would react and feel when she betrays his belief that she would not let any harm come to him.

Zain Gets Slapped

Zain would get slapped for forcing Aaliya to go with him.

Aaliya Angry

Aaliya would have got fed up with Zain trying to pretend nothing happened.

Zain Goes Back To Aaliya

Zain would go back to Aaliya even after getting slapped.

Aaliya Stands Ground

Aaliya would still not accept Zain.

Aaliya Hurt Too Much

Aaliya would express her hurt when Zain had betrayed her by divorcing him.

Zain Refuce To Give Up

Zain would refuse to give up and declares he would do anything for her forgiveness.

Aaliya To Test Zain

For each time Zain divorced Aaliya, she would test him three times.


Aaliya would place the challenge that if Zain wins the challenge she would go back with him.

Chop Vegetables

Aaliya would ask Zain to chop vegetables.

Zain Gets To Work

Zain starts chopping and would start tearing when chopping onions.

Aaliya Blind Folds Zain

Aaliya would blind fold Zain and asks him to chop vegetables.

Zain Trusts Her

Zain would be in the impression that Aaliya would not let him hurt himself. But she would not react when he does chop his finger.

Aaliya's First Test

Aaliya's first test would involve Zain and her to roman around with him blindfolded.

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