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Kumkum Bhagya: Tanu's Secret To Come Out Soon; Will Pragya, Abhi Know They Were Trapped?

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In Kumkum Bhagya, Tanu's secret will be revealed soon as Nikhil (Nikhil Arya), Tanu's boyfriend has entered the show. Tanu traps Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) and Pragya (Sriti Jha) saying she is pregnant with Abhi's child. To make herself secure, she traps Abhi and makes Pragya mediator.

Tanu wants to throw Pragya out of the house, and does what not! But unfortunately she is unsuccessful as Abhi announces Pragya's pregnancy in front of all. Dadi, who gets excited about Pragya's pregnancy, decides to celebrate.

Though Abhi and Pragya, on Tanu's repeated insistence, tries a lot to reveal the fact that it's not Pragya, but Tanu pregnant with Abhi's baby, they won't be able to tell. Either Dadi interrupts in between Abhi-Pragya's talk or situation won't allow them.

In fact, as saying goes, ‘everything happens for good', here too this applies. As the real father of Tanu's unborn baby is not Abhi, but her boyfriend Nikhil. He is Purab friend, who goes to the latter's office to meet him.

The doctor says that she doubts about Dadi's health and too good or bad news is harmful for her as it may cause attack. Pragya, who had come to tell the fact, stops from telling it.

On the other hand, Dadi gets excited with the happy news, and starts dancing and celebrating. She calls for a party, where she dances with Daasi, but soon gets unwell. Doctor asks Abhi and Pragya to take care of her.

In the upcoming episode, Tanu will be seen meeting Nikhil in odd hours. This makes Pragya suspicious about her and follows her. She finds her meeting Nikhil and having heated argument with him.

It should be seen if Pragya gets to know that Tanu is trapping her. If at all Pragya gets to know, how will she reveal this to Abhi?


Abhi and Pragya get ready for the party. Pragya, who tries to speak to Dadi, gets engaged with Daasi.


On the other hand, Nikhil - Tanu's boyfriend, gives entry to Purab's office.

Pragya Confused

At the party, Dadi gets all excited dancing. Her health gets upset and doctors ask Abhi and Pragya to take care of her. Pragya again missed speaking to Dadi.

Abhi-Pragya Upset

While Abhi is upset and confused that he can neither leave Pragya nor his child. Pragya assures that everything will get right with time.


Abhi asks to keep the celebration for Rachana as she can deliver baby anytime. Daasi suggests the same to Dadi and the latter agrees to keep party for Rachana.


Tanu gets to know from Mitali that Dadi got to know about her main intention of coming to the house and she got an attack. That's the reason party was stopped. But later from Robin, Tanu gets to know it was because she was over excited dancing, she got an attack.


Soon Pragya will catch Tanu meeting Nikhil in odd time and may follow her.


Tanu will be seen arguing with Nikhil regarding pregnancy, where she will reveal it is his baby.


Pragya may soon get to know that Tanu is trapping both her and Abhi, making both fool about Tanu's pregnancy.

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