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Kumkum Bhagya: Sarla In Critical Condition; Abhi & Pragya Worry! (PICS)

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In Kumkum Bhagya, when Pragya (Sriti Jha) was almost near to her goal of finding out Tanu's truth, she gets into another trouble. Pragya's mother Sarla, who was worried about Pragya's safety, comes to the spot where Pragya had asked Tanu to meet her, and gets kidnapped.

Sarla tells Nikhil and Tanu, that she was the one who was blackmailing Tanu. Now that Sarla knows the fact that Tanu is pregnant with Nikhil's baby, Nikhil kidnaps her. At home, Pragya and others are worried as Sarla goes missing and they search for her.


Any guesses, who was driving the speeding car? It is none other than Nikhil. According to the latest spoiler, Sarla will meet with an accident (car driven by Nikhil) as he doesn't want her to reveal his secret.


Nikhil will disappear from the spot, while Pragya and Abhi seek the passers-by help, to take Sarla to the hospital, who is badly hurt. No one will lend a helping hand.

Sarla Hurt

Ronnie and Purab reach the spot and take Sarla to the hospital. Pragya gets worried seeing her mother badly hurt.


Doctors even declare that Sarla is in a critical condition, while Abhi and Pragya worry about her. Pragya will be consoled by Dadi.

Abhi-Pragya Upset

Abhi will be hurt seeing Sarla in hospital and Pragya upset. He will be in dilemma as to whom he should support - his girlfriend who is waiting for him to get married to her or his wife, who is upset that her mother is in the hospital.


Will Sarla's condition get better? Will she tell about Nikhil and Tanu? Stay locked to this space, while we bring you the latest update of the show.

Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) asks Purab to inform the police, while Pragya follows Tanu as she doubts that Tanu is behind Sarla's kidnap. Seeing Pragya, Abhi joins her, as she tells him that she is going in search of her mother. Abhi and Pragya search Sarla in the same lane, where she was hidden by Nikhil's men.

Dadi confirms with Abhi whether Pragya is with him as she was worried. Dadi, Purab and Rachana discuss about Sarla's sudden disappearance, while Dasi asks them, if they are hiding some secret from her.

On the other hand, Mitali teases Tanu. She tells Tanu if Pragya gets pregnant, Abhi will ditch Tanu, and marry Pragya.

Tanu calls Abhi and gets to know that they are in the Malvani lane, where Nikhil had hidden Sarla. She alerts Nikhil, who comes to the spot to ensure, they don't find Sarla.

Sarla finds Nikhil's men sleeping and tries to escape from the place. She calls Abhi and gives him information about where she is. To Nikhil's shock, Abhi asks him to take them to the place where Sarla is hidden.

Abhi and Pragya reach the place and search for Sarla. Unfortunately, before they could meet, Sarla will be hit by a speeding car. (Click on the slides to read the spoilers)

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