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Ishqbaaz SPOILER: Tej Blames Anika For Leaking Rudra & Saumya's Wedding MMS; Jhanvi Attempts Suicide

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In Star Plus' trending soap Ishqbaaz, a high-voltage drama is going on of late. Rudra and Saumya secretly bring Anika to meet an injured Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) in the hospital. While, Shivaay and Anika are overwhelmed to see each other, Pinky completely remains unaware of this.

Pinky warns Anika to stay away from Shivaay. On the contrary, Shivaay heads to meet Anika straight away after getting discharged to bring her back to the Oberoi mansion. (Check out the latest spoiler below).

Rudra Agrees To Marry Sonia

Fed up of witnessing constant feuds between Tej and his elder brother Omkara regarding Omkara's marriage to Chaddha's daughter, Sonia, Rudra who wants to end this all at once, will agree to marry Sonia instead, much to everyone's shock.

Saumya In Tears

Saumya, who is secretly married to Rudra will become a witness to this conversation and be heartbroken. Anika will sense her changed behaviour.

Shivaay & Rudra

On the other hand, Shivaay will disagree with Rudra's sudden decision and calls him foolish for having said 'yes' to marriage without completing his studies. But, Rudra is adamant as he wants to do something for his family. Jhanvi will argue with Tej over her son's decision.

Rudra & Sonia's Roka Ceremony

Tej will support Rudra's decision and Rudra's roka date will be fixed. On the day of roka, Rudra and Saumya's wedding video will be leaked to the media. Needless to say, there will a hullabaloo at the Oberoi mansion.

Tej Blames Anika

However, Tej will blame that Anika is at fault and she leaked the video using her phone. But, Shivaay will stand by her side and defend her. As per the latest spoiler, the nafratbaaz gang- Svetlana, Tia and Romi are the masterminds behind the entire incident.

The Masterplan

As per the reports, the nafratbaaz gang will decide to kidnap Sahil and blackmail Anika to leave the Oberoi mansion. Will their plan succeed?

Jhanvi Attempts Suicide

Amidst all this, Jhanvi will attempt suicide by threatening to burn herself, while Shivaay will rush to her rescue. It is being said that post this incident, Om will break all ties with Tej and Tej will leave the house with Svetlana.

In The Last Episode...

Shivaay brings Anika back to the Oberoi mansion, much to Pinky's dismay and insists that she continue to stay with them. This angers Pinky, who wants Anika to get out of the house.

She begins to sob and asks him if Anika is more important to him than his mother, to which he tells her that she is equally important and insists her not to blame Anika for the fiasco, as she is not at fault.

Pinky is forced to accept Anika. Later, Tej tells Pinky that Shivaay's priorities have changed as he cannot live without Anika by his side, which hurts her. Later, Anika apologizes to Shivaay for distancing him from his mother.

Shivaay says his situation is worse than her, as he has to choose between his mother and wife. Anika is surprised to hear 'wife', while he changes it to responsibility. Anika asks if he took her bullet instead because of his responsibility, to which he says 'yes'.

Later, Dadi asks then couple to support each other through the thick and thin and advises to balance all relations. Rudra asks all of them to join him for the O'bro moment.

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