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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke: 9th December Written Episode

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Sapne Suhane Ladkapan Ke starts with Seema scolding Mithu that she is the one who has burnt the wedding dress of Gunjan. Vikram does not like Seema shouting on Mithu and tells her that he knows how Mithu is and she cannot do anything like this. Mithu apologises to Gunjan and tells her that she did not do it on purpose. There was no light in the room thats why she had lit the candle.

Gunjan tells her that it is fine and she even makes Seema understand that it is just a piece of cloth that has got burnt. Mayank is impressed with Gunjan as she is handling the situation so well. The light comes and Shail tells that she will now clean the room to which Gunjan tells that she will do it. Rachana apologises to Gunjan saying that she cannot help her as she has to make soup for Dadi who is not well.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke

Kabir is seen making his grandmother understand that she should take care for of her health and should avoid anxiety and outside food. Dadi considers it a lecture and keeps making faces. He then tells Dadi to have her medicines. Dadi tells him that she would have it only at the cost that he should hold his ears and do sit ups.

As soon as Kabir is about to do it Rachana arrives and puts a smile on her face seeing the Dadi-Pota relation. Shail too comes and inquires about Dadi's well being. Rachana gives the soup to Kabir and tells him that this is for Dadi as she would feel good after drinking it. Kabir tells her that he does not need it for his grandmother and is about to return it back to her. He is stopped by his grandmother who tells him that he would have the soup as she was longing to have something hot and spicy.

Finally the room is cleaned by Gunjan and Rachana and everyone is happy to know that. Shail advices Gunjan to sleep in Rachana's room and even take Mithu along with them. Mithu tries every way possible to avoid this situation but is unable to do so. Gunjan and Rachana try to see Mithu's face but they cannot as she keeps changing her position to avoid such a situation.

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