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Bow Barracks Forever is a true story : Anjan Dutt

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Bow Barracks Forever is a true story honestly told in every small little sense as it has not just been shot in the real location but also portrays characters absolutely true to life. If in the movie Lillette Dubey is shown portraying a character of Mrs Lobo who makes excellent cakes and wine then that is because there is a similar woman in the community well known for the art. "This lady makes wine for Rs 200 only and all my European friends vouch for it saying it is the best ever quality they have tasted", swears Dutt to prove his facts. Well and talking of characterization in the film then surprisingly all of them have quite an evident dark shade, which is stark. "Such is reality", quirks Anjan Dutt. "They are people who abuse you but also love you with equal passion. They are people who are different from the rest, may be distressed and depressed with life but when it comes to their home, they are like any other human, who will stand by and protect his home when in danger. Though my characters are dark, the film is fun to watch for there is dance, music, humor and life".

Question him on his unique casting in the film, and he defends saying all the actors are best suited to their roles. "All the actors cast for the film whether it is Lillette Dubey or Victor Banerjee or for that matter Moon Moon Sen, all have fair understanding of the community as each one or the other has had some Joseph or Jennifer for their friend", justifies the content director. And in addition to that all actors have gone through workshops and training to make them comfortable with the ambience and the peculiar Anglo Indian lingo used. Their Hindi is very different from the regular Hindi spoken everywhere. They do not say tera - mera instead they refer to each other as humko tumko like "humko kya tum paagal samjhta hai" absolutely Goan style of speaking. And while talking of actors, whose work is to die for in the film, Anjan Dutt is very pleased with Victor Banerjee saying his work is the best till date and on the other hand quite amused with Moon Moon Sen's prowess saying that she is quiet a nasty actress if she wants to be. Moon Moon Sen so far has always been cast as a sweet little woman but can be equally mean and vampish.

All said and done but is Mr Dutt not vary with the fact that making films that our regular filmy audience does not usually appreciate or enjoy, would actually fail to elevate his cause for making Bow Barracks Forever. Making a film on such a peculiar subject that caters to a niche audience, may not reach the larger section and in turn will not get the support he is aiming for. And to this Anjan Dutt confidently contradicts and says that even though his film is a niche film, it will cater to every section of the society irrespective of the English language and the offbeat subject. That is because any film when made from heart, when made truly and sincerely connects with the audience in some or the other manner. And Bow Barrack is a film he will stand through thick and thin and one with which he does not have any regrets whatsoever. He is very confident that the film somewhere will connect with the audience, even if they do not know the ABC of Anglo Indians. And he is quiet gregarious in pointing out that one does not have to go to New York to understand a film like 'Taxi Driver' or be in the mafia to understand The Godfather'. I as a viewer do not know much about down south and Tamil way of living but could connect more with Mani Ratnam's Roja than Bombay, further explains Dutt the director. And moreover today the audience has started enjoying sushi too along with Chinese, in turn reflecting the changing taste of Hindi cinema goers who have become more adaptable to newer concepts and subjects.

Confident and content Anjan Dutt is with his film Bow Barracks Forever but along with it he also very positive in receiving a good response as he feels that if Anurag Kashyap's film, Black Friday can get released and acknowledged then the audience is also ready to receive mine with an open mind!


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