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We're one big fat family- Randhir Kapoor

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Really? That's something everybody doesn't know...
Neetu: She's the funniest. With a straight face she can just make you crazy.

I'm so much younger than you'll but just want to say "God bless you all"

Are you happy to be on the show?
Reema: Yes, I'm very happy to be on the show. I'm very nervous and want to tell you that once I'd told you.... "Karan mujhe bhi picture mein lena. And you told me sure Reema sure! Shah Rukh ki jo maa hai picture mein unka dehaant ho gaya hai. Unke upar gale mein mala hogi, unki photo lagegi. That is you!" But I made it!
Randhir: Now do you believe she's part of the Kapoor circus.... Thank God Manoj Jain has taken her away from us.

I bet, none of your brothers cried during your bidaai?
Reema: None! Except for Anil.
Rishi: We thanked Manoj yaar!
Randhir: Take her away please.
Reema: They are very mean to me.

But why was Anil Kapoor crying at your bidaai?
Reema: He had shooting the next day and he was always preparing. I didn't find anyone crying and I was like "CRY! Manoj will send me home and they said... Open the champagne" and that's what these three did! One thing... I've been hearing that they're drinking a lot and I heard you'll talk about it but one thing about them...the family traditions and values. My father had passed away and my 3 brothers were like pillars of strength for the entire wedding. They stayed there, they all behaved themselves, they didn't drink and they conducted it beautifully like my father would have them to do and I thank you all for that.
Randhir: We didn't want any mishap so Manoj doesn't take you away....
Reema: You know its sad... all of us bully each other. My sister Ritu who's in Delhi.. she's the angel. If you tell her also Chimpu or Chintu or Dabboo did this, she'll say, "No, no no no, let it be, go on!" she's a calming person. She's like the anchor... like my mother. She'll calm you down, hold you down, inspire you, she's one of the reasons I've come here.... I didn't want to come...(laughs)
Neetu: You know she's an amazing actor. You know when she danced on Riddima's sangeet.
She danced on Kajra Re.
Neetu: Sanjay Leela Bhansali said that if she was younger, I would have launched her.
Reema: When we were younger, Neetu and me have acted in Chimpu's home videos. We had done Silsila. Anil Kapoor, he was not an actor that time, Neetu and myself and Chimpu was the director and he said you'll be Rekha, she was Jayaji and Anil was Bachchanji... I just played the piano... Neetu was so good.... Anil was so good and I just played the piano.

They all bully you but it's very evident that they love you.
Reema: I love them too.... And they really are my pillars of strength. Is duniya mein what all is happening, sabke jhagde hote hain, hum log ne kuch to kaayam rakha is zindagi mein. God is kind, Papa is there, my mother's upbringing, we have had some good emotional values which we'd like to carry till we're gone. Atleast we hope that, we touchwood and we want blessings.


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