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Meet Lolo, Bebo and Shahid on 'Koffee with Karan'

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Thursday, March 01, 2007
The caffeine on this show is addictive. Honest, candid, witty and stylish... you must have experienced all of this on 'Koffee with Karan' last week, this Sunday meet the frank, forthright and fabulous actress Kareena Kapoor and Bollywood's favourite chocolate boy hero who makes her world go round... Shahid Kapur. Also, joining the sweet couple is the glamorous and gorgeous actress, Karisma Kapoor. Catch the Kapoors' chat about their relationships, rumors and their career with Karan Johar, this Sunday, March 4th at 9 p.m. only on Star One and Star World.

Karan: You take up for Shahid a lot... is that true?
Karisma: Yes I do .. don't I .. (looking at Shahid)
Shahid: Yes
Karan: In what way .. what does he do .. that he needs taking up for?
Karisma: Well, I mean generally ... when they are fighting with each other .
I am always caught in the middle of it .. and if I really feel that Shahid is right then I really fire Bebo ...
Karan: You do ..
Karisma: Ya of course
Karan: They are quite a troublesome couple that way ... vis-a-vis you ..
Karisma: Ya .. they are .. but I give them a lot of trouble as well..
Karan: Ya .. what kind of trouble do you give them ..
Karisma: Well ...
Kareena: Advise
Karisma: Ya .. advise
Karan: I know .. Lolo is like the mother
Karisma: Ya .. kind of .. in the diplomacy department
Karan: So you would never answer in the rapid fire round the way Bebo did
Karisma: Well, honestly .. NO
Shahid: I don't think anybody can ... nobody can give competition to Bebo
Karan: But when I said troublesome .. I meant in a sweet way .. like now their vegetarianism must bother you ...
Karisma: If I may say so .. Karan .. it does ..
Karan: Going out .. must be a problem
Karisma: It is a huge problem ...I mean you don't understand .. they should wear T-shirts which say .."Does my food have egg in it" .. "we are egg less people". I mean we go out to restaurants Karan ... that we go frequently .. may be 2-3 times a week .. but still Shahid will ask .."Isme anda hai .. ye ice cream me anda hai ".. Bebo will be like .." Is there anda in the naan"
Karan: Oh God! They are that hysterical ..
Karisma: Give them a break .. you come here so often .. they know you don't eat that ....its crazy .. but, its very sweet .. its very cute .. because they are so honest in what they are doing ... I mean they really believe in it ...I mean Bebo was a pucca non vegetarian .. and to switch to vegetarianism and to not even egg .. its incredible ..
Karan: Oh God! That is fantastic ..there have been lots of influences that Shahid has brought upon .. do you feel she is a new person in the last three years ..
Karisma: Ahhh .. Ya .. I think she is a lot more calmer .. and I think Bebo is also a great influence on Shahid ..
Karan: What's the one change that she has brought on Shahid ..
Karisma: I think . Shahid has become a much more relaxed .. I mean you know he was a bit serious .. he is now also ..but, I think he is much more chilled out now...
Karan: So, you wouldn't mind if she eventually landed up with him seriously ..
Karisma: Yes ... Absolutely .. I think they are both a great influence on each other ..I think that's very important .. be it in any relationship .. its very important to have a positive influence on each other .. and there should be friendship ..
Karan: Initially .. when you were told about Shahid .. what was your comment .. do you remember ..
Karisma: Ahhh .. I was like .. who is this guy .. I mean from where have you found him from ..I mean .. actually like any elder sister I was a bit weary ..I think any elder sister would feel like that ..
Karan: Very protective
Karisma: Yes .. very protective about her ..And when I met Shahid .. I think our first two -three meetings were very stiff .. I was like Hello .. Hi .. How are you ..
Shahid: I was very scared of her ..
Karan: You were scared of here ..
Karisma: I know its very strange .. but he keeps telling me this ..
Shahid: Her chin was always up whenever she met me ..
Karan: You felt she was judging you whenever she met you ..
Kareena: But that Lolo's nature ..
Shahid: I found her strict ..and I was like .. "Ok .. I hope she like me "
Karisma: I think we have a really struck a great friendship .. Shahid and I .. every time he calls me .. " Can you advise me on this" or I call him .. "Shahid can you help me out with this .. what do you feel" ..I think we have become really good friends now ..
Karan: That's fantastic ..So you guys have lot of fun with each ..
Karisma: Oh yes ..
Kareena: Yes .. lots of fun .. But sometimes he gets bored with the girlies ..
Karisma: And I get bored with the eating ..

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