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'I had a crush on Pooja Bhatt since my childhood' - Mustafa Zahid

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There are three things you always expect now-a-days from any Vishesh Films - unusual storyline, their passion for music and some sort of Pakistani connection. Yes, you heard it right. The 'Bhatts' welcome with open arms their second musical discovery after Atif Aslam. In his 20's, his songs 'Toh Phir Aao'&'Tera Mera Rishta' from Awarapan are climbing up the charts at a lightning pace. So what are you waiting for? Dim the lights, recline the sofa, lay back, close your eyes, press play, and prepare to be transported into another realm by the extra talented Mustafa Zahid, who speaks exclusively from Pakistan with us...

After Atif Aslam, how does it feel to be Mahesh Bhatt and Mohit Suri's next Pakistani discovery for Awarapan?
Well, it's a proud moment for me because a lot of youngsters from our lot are going across the border and getting so much recognition. Thanks to my friend Atif who started this trend.

How were you offered Awararpan?
Our Indian manager Sajid took a demo copy of my album which was released in Pakistan called Roxen to Mr. Bhatt. Immediately after hearing the track 'Toh Phir Aao' he called me in Pakistan and told me to come to India. After reaching India, we sat and listened to my band's album Roxen, and that was a point when Mr. Bhatt also decided to take the track 'Tera Mera Rishta'.

Which is your personal favourite - Toh Phir Aao or Tera Mera Rishta?
Actually both are my babies, so I cannot pick up one. But these days on my play list I have Tera Mera Rishta.

What is your opinion about this entire fusion of Pakistani music into Bollywood?
It's great. We have to excel at the end of the day and we cannot just limit ourselves to Pakistan. There is so much scope for music in India and at the international level that we have to go out and explore. It's a very good fusion between the Indian and Pakistani artists and now things have shaped up so well because of the Bhatt camp bringing out people from their neighboring country. I'm really happy that the change is happening.

What do you have to say about the laser show of your song 'Toh Phir Aao' in Hong Kong? Have you seen it?
Yes, I have seen it and it looks fabulous. 'Toh Phir Aao' is a track which people will never get enough of. I mean, it's released in Pakistan since three years and even today when we go to concerts, audiences are dying to listen to that song, they shout and scream to such an extent that we sometimes have to repeat the track. In short, it's a forever track.

The two big banners in Indian cinema who produce excellent music are Vishesh Films and Yash Raj Films. Do you see yourself working with the latter?
I won't restrict myself to anyone in particular. I love the fact that I have made my debut through Mr. Bhatt. They are the ones who have found out my hidden talent. I would love to work in every movie of theirs in the future because the kind of comfort, attitude and energy they have is unbelievable. That does not mean that I won't work with anybody else. As far as I get to work in a comfortable atmosphere, I will be ready to take up the offer.

Have you been approached by any producers?
Yes. I have been approached by a lot of labels and some producers after the success of both my tracks from Awarapan. I am now very choosy about my next project and will take my time to decide which film or record label to sign next after the release of Awarapan.


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