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"If I were Shilpa then I would have slapped Goody..." - Rakhi Sawant

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Rakhi Sawant may not have proved her acting prowess in Bollywood as yet, but the sultry item-girl-turned-actress has her head held high with pride for being synonymous with sexy! From shaking a leg in hot music videos to being a popular inmate of the Bigg Boss house, Rakhi Sawant has always been chased by the flashlights! Read on, as the Marathi mulgi reveals all in an exclusive chat on IndiaFM.

vani : hi rakhi
Rakhi Sawant : hi..everyone

chotu : Hello Rakhi Didi..am so happy to chat with you..aap meri idol hain didi..i want to be just like you
Rakhi Sawant : chotu.. if u want to be like me.. u have to be a female... always speak right...when u speak truth then u will become like me...dil ki baat zabaan pe honi chahiye

Ajay : whats your role in apoorva lakhia's new film?
Rakhi Sawant : ajay...the film is Shoot Out at Lokhandwala...i am playing an actress...

vani : Rakhi u only wear skimpy clothes... what kind of clothes u like to wear?
Rakhi Sawant : vani... i can carry any kind of costume...whether its Indian or western

hadah : how's your experience in big boss?
Rakhi Sawant : hadah... good also n bad also..i hav learnt a lot...had to survive with different kinds of people..n had to talk diplomatically...

Dolly_4ever : who was the hottest male in big boss house?
Rakhi Sawant : dolly...it was salil ankola and Aryan

Rakhi Sawant : Salil Ankola and Aryan were the hottest males in the big boss house
izzy : hi izzy from vancouver Canada. will you be coming here for a show soon? And is it true you will soon have a comedy show on sony soon? if its true when will it star
Rakhi Sawant : from today my show will start on sony 9-10 pm

super : why r u soooo short tempered
Rakhi Sawant : super... ofcourse i am..as i dont like lies... n most people in this world speak lies...

rakhifan101 : one big boss housemate voted 1 lakh against u? who was it?
Rakhi Sawant : rakhi fan... he is a good friend... but cant write his name

Dolly_4ever : rakhi when wil we see u in lead BOLLYWOOD role
Rakhi Sawant : dolly... first of all i am not interestted in lead role..am happy doin all the different characters...one has to take lots of tension in doing lead roles

Azeem : Hi. how serious are u about ur acting career?
Rakhi Sawant : azeem... i m very serious career. lots of movies...only focused abt my career. hot money has released

Dolly_4ever : i love ur frank attitude. who was ur best friend in big boss house
Rakhi Sawant : dolly...thanks a lot... in my personal life i have only 1 friend abhishek

Dolly_4ever : will u go for big brother?
Rakhi Sawant : dolly...ofcourse if i get a chance i wud luv to....but if i go there...band bajake aaogi...dont care if i win or not...will not take any nonsense against India...

TT : Rakhi: Playing an heroine or item bomb?
Rakhi Sawant : both..TT

sam : how has ur journey been?
Rakhi Sawant : sam..very tough...gone through hell... but i am not scared...

Mika 2 : u really want to distribute computers at arthur road jail...... believe me they don't want computer
Rakhi Sawant : mika... i really wanted to distribute as they had given me the permission

golu : i love ur itemnumbers
Rakhi Sawant : golu...if u luv my item nos then i luv u....

Dolly_4ever : will u ever do lip-lock with mika again
Rakhi Sawant : dolly...never

Dolly_4ever : wil u ever do nude scenes if required?
Rakhi Sawant : never... i dont mind to do any other scenes other than nude scenes. Of course i get offers but in B or C class movies...prefer to do small roles in big banner movies

MikaSawant : when will we see u as a lead actress in a movie?
Rakhi Sawant : u will see me in the lead in Bhudda Mar Gaya

TT : Can u carry yourself without costumes too, for say a cover page of playboy?
Rakhi Sawant : y not ...i have got a good figure...but i wear clothes according to my style

Chanmakhna : rakhi sawant this is kamran joshua from pakistan hows life going on after BIGG BOSS
Rakhi Sawant : life is very busy...am getting more offers...once i want to come pakistan, that's my dream

shafin : you apparently behaved very friendly with kashmera shah in the finals and on the last few big boss episodes then what made you call her a 'jade goody' on the next day in your interviews?
Rakhi Sawant : when we r in the big boss house... waqt aane pe Gadhe ko bhi Baap kehne padata hai...once you are out of house then you can say anything

buff : Rakhi,you never understood Carol....You've used the choicest of words to vent your anger, but do you repent now
Rakhi Sawant : buff... what i said to carol was right...she misunderstood me...she showed attitude to me...as she is more educated than me and i am more famous than her


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