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Sherlyn Chopra - as bold as ever

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You have another favourite verse of yours which is 'God's favorite child'?
I don't say God's favorite child. I say I'm God's child. I wouldn't know his likes and dislikes but then I choose to believe that I'm god's child. I really hate it when people see an outrages girl or say a highly sexual girl or somebody who leads a bohemian life or somebody who loves wearing skimp clothes.

Why does the world equate outrages appeal to being devilish, as in what is the connection? I don't see any connection?
One could lead a highly sexual life and yet be god's shalom. God never asked Eve to put her hands off Adam. He never said Eve you are not supposed to touch Adam. You are supposed to just think of me and worship me and not think about the word sex. Why do we have these mental blocks in our mind? If somebody is bold, if somebody speaks her mind, if somebody portray a bold character as in psychopathic characters that demands a certain degree of boldness, why do people think of these people as shady characters? Is there any book out there that defines goodness and bad qualities? I really cannot comprehend these equations,these definitions that are you know floating around in the market.

But then I personally believe that god has created each one of us to be what we believe we are and I believe that yes I have been blessed with incredible dose of sexuality, sensuality whatever you call it. I wake up each morning and read the gospel. I was born as a Christian kid. Then once I'm done with the prayer session I turn on my TV. I tune into Sony PIX. I watch dirty films.

What makes you so sure of your sexuality?
What makes me sure? There are things that you know exist and there are things you know that don't exist. My sexuality is one of those things that exist. It's either in me or it's not in me and it's been like this ever seen I was a kid. My mother used to stop me from wearing short shirts and short skirts and then there was a time she would ask me to stay away from guys and then I had to because I was a kid. But today I'm an adult and I know that I'm responsible for the decisions I make and I try to make sensible decisions. I think there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about being sexual or wanting to explore that side of yours, that is erotic.

Sherlyn ChopraWhat's wrong about it? Why do we have to be apologetic?
Who says that goodness is all about being subtle and being quite? Those who say they are liars, they are hypocrites. I think what's in is to just speak your mind. If you want sex, go ahead have it. Don't sit at home and crib about it. Don't curse your fate or destiny. Don't curse god.

If you want to look hot, then make an effort to look hot. Go hit the gym, workout. If you want to wear something hot, beautiful, mind-boggling go ahead wear it. I really don't like when people follow dos and don'ts. You shouldn't be committing a murder, a rape. Those are the dos and don'ts. I mean there is nothing wrong in wanting to be sexual. It's not a crime.

What kind of preparation do you do before a bold scene?
I don't know the definition of being bold. But then to me it's all about doing justice and playing my character to the best of my ability. I did what I could do the best. And if you call that being bold then yes call me bold.

I first get into my head that it's not Sherlyn Chopra, it's the character. If it's like a kissing scene with the guy.
I make an effort to believe that it's the girlfriend who is kissing the boyfriend and it's the girlfriend who has taken off her shirt and wanting to get intimate with the boyfriend. And when I know this I put that picture in my mind. Then it's absolutely perfect and it does not seem something to be felt ashamed about.

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