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Viewers will see Shweta Kumar and not Tina Munim- Shweta

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Shweta Kumar
Making her entry with Karzzzz, not everyone must be familiar with the name Shweta Kumar, but we all know Indra Kumar her dad. Not wanting to hold her dads hand while climbing the ladder of success lets talk to Shweta about her character Tina in Karzzzz.

Have you seen the original Karz? What do you think about Tina Munim?
Yes, to get into the character I have seen the original Karz a couple of times. As far as Tina Munim is concerned she was one of the finest actresses in her times. When you see her in this film it just doesn't seem like she is acting, she so natural. Everytime you watch the film you seem to fall in love with her.

The viewers have loved Tina Munim in this film, do you think they are going to accept you in the same role?
I cannot run away from the fact that the viewers are going to compare me to her. But I would like to tell my viewers that I have tried my best to do justice to the character. There is no doubt that I have learnt a lot from Tina Munim for this role but I have played the character of Tina with my own style and not of Tina Munim's. and I am sure that none of the viewers are going feel that I have copied Tina Munim in this film. But I would like to request the viewers that when they go to watch this film they should be clear about the fact that they are going to see Shweta Kumar and not Tina Munim.

Are you regretting the fact that you have been cast opposite a senior actor like Himesh and not someone like Imraan or Shahid?
The day I was offered this film the only thought passed through my head was whether we both would look convincing onscreen. I had not even met Himesh at that time. But the next day when I went to his office along with my portfolio I was surprised to see him, when I saw his style I was convinced that we would look great together onscreen. Now when we both are looking so good on screen I don't think the age really matters.

How has Himesh made you feel as a co star?
Along with a light and fun loving work atmosphere he also made sure that I was comfortable. I guess he knew how hard it is for a new comer as they are always tensed and nervous so he tried his best to make me feel comfortable because he knew if I was not then it would in some way affect my work which would indirectly affect the film.

What do you have to say about the other senior co stars like Urmila. Danny and Gulshan Grover?
I hardly have two or three scenes with Urmila but I got to learn a lot even in those little bit scenes. She is one of my favorite actresses. I have grown up seeing her films. Her film Kaun and Ek Haseena Thi are amongst my favourites. I was overjoyed as well as a bit scared when I learnt that I would be working with her in my film. Dannny and Gulshan Grover treated me like their daughter. Each one of them had a loving and caring attitude towards me.

But I guess we heard that there was some trouble between you and Urmila regarding the costumes?
Absolutely not, like I told you we have two or three scenes together so there was no question of any trouble with the costumes.

Did you find any difference in Urmila onscreen and in Urmila off-screen?
She came out to be a much better person off-screen as she was very friendly and supportive. As she is known as diva in Bollywood for me she was a diva and a perfectionist.

Do you consider this launch as the best launch you could have got?
Yes, definitely. You tell what does a new comer actually want? A good director like Satish Shah, a big banner like T-Series, a good producer like Bhushan Kumar and a good star cast which we have. What better than this could I have asked for .the music of this film is already a big hit.

After becoming a star do you regret that you have lost you r freedom and have to be more responsible types, you cannot roam around in public freely?
I guess to achieve something you will have to sacrifice certain things. Before entering this field I have lived my life the fullest and enjoyed every moment of it. Now I think its time to get serious and concentrate on my career, so I'm ready for everything.

But don't you think you have given up your freedom too soon?
No not at all, infact I feel I've come in too late. I am starting my career when I am 24 while Kareena had started her career when she was 18. so I am already late.

Didn't you feel that your dad should have launched you when you were 20?
Honestly speaking dad was going to launch me but he got busy with the shooting of Dhamaal and then I got busy learning dance and acting. When we both got free my dad started searching for a script for me. In the mean while I got the offer of Karzzzz. I had never ever dreamt that I would be launched by some other banner, since childhood I always knew that my dad would be the one to launch me.

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