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Paathshaala is about problems in schools - Milind Ukey

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He has directed the acclaimed Marathi film Devki which won 27 awards, he is also the director of India's most successful animation film Hanuman and now he is all set to make his mainstream Bollywood directorial debut with the Shahid Kapoor, Ayesha Takia, Nana Patekar starrer Paathshaala. He is none other than Milind Ukey. Milind was live to interact with his fans. For all those who missed this fun-filled session, here are the excerpts:

Milind Ukey: Hi. This is Milind Ukey

R A J E : so how was it making the film?
Milind Ukey: it was a great experience. To make a film based on real issues and social issues though not easy on a commercial setup, but nevertheless we were well prepared to make this film and what we thought we captured on screen... Hope people like it.

Mrbean : kaise hain aap milind jee?
Milind Ukey: I am fine thank you

angle : so whats Paathshaala like?
Milind Ukey: Paathshaala is about the problems that are happening right now in schools, that the students and parents are facing, problems that the teachers are facing. WE have a lot of shortcomings in the education system which we are trying to point out in this film.

Mrbean : how was it working with Shahid?
Milind Ukey: Mrbean...it was an absolutely wonderful experience. Shahid is a very intelligent and creative actor. His inputs to the film are invaluable. When you watch him in the film, you will never see him as Shahid Kapoor but the character Rahul Prakash Udyawar.

HANDSOME : what inspired u to make a film like Paathshaala?
Milind Ukey: Ahmed has originally thought of the idea and we got in touch through a common friend. He narrated it to me and I liked the idea immediately. As I was also doing research on the similar problems in the education system

Mrbean : tell us bout ur experience shooting the film?
Milind Ukey: shooting this film was a bit hectic becos we had to erect a huge set at Film city and we had to finish the film within minimum days. Secondly we had to shoot with almost 100 kids everyday and some days there were even 500 children. Another thing was the availability of limited dates of Shahid , Nana and Ayesha. So it was indeed a big challenge to finish such a high quality film within 36 days. we were well prepared on the papers before the shoot began and at times we shot with 2 - 3 cameras, so though it was a hectic affair we are satisfied with the outcome.

faizan ali : sir will ur film be releasing here in Pakistan?
Milind Ukey: thats yet not decided faizan but I hope that it releases there too

Mrbean : and what about ayesha takia sir
Milind Ukey: ayesha is a very natural actress. She needs minimum brief to portray her character. She is a very sensitive human being so for me it was very easy to work with her. As a teacher Anjali Mathur, Ayesha comes across as a very lovable character on screen

faizan ali : the songs of ur movie is fab
Milind Ukey: ya...they are doing very well right now. Aye Khuda is hitting the top of the charts both sales wise and in terms of ringtone downloads. Though Hanif is a new music director, his quality of music is at par with any established music director at present. The tone is very modern and melodious, it cant escape any musical ears.

Mrbean : ohh great sir aapka agala movie kounsa hain?
Milind Ukey: i am still writing a script and waiting for Paathshaala to release so that I can create a right set up for my new screenplay

Mrbean : who do u think is the best in the industry as of now?
Milind Ukey: there are many but one person I deeply admire is Aamir Khan. I find him not only a great actor but a complete filmmaker. A visionary and a lot to learn from.

malika : what bout shooting with the kids did u screen test them all? how did u select them if not?
Milind Ukey: malika...we screen tested all the kids and we had a wonderful time during the audition. Few kids like Swini Khara, Ali Haji, and Dwij didnt need to go through the auditions as they are already established actors

Mrbean : where did u shoot for the film?
Milind Ukey: we constructed a huge 20000 sq feet set in Film City. Entire film was shot in one set.

sania:::)) : what made u choose shahid and ayesha?
Milind Ukey: shahid and ayesha are childhood friends of ahmed khan and when ahmed wanted to make his first production along with his wife Shaira Khan, the old friendship came forward to give the shoulders.

leolo : sir what do u think is going to be the audience reaction to the film?
Milind Ukey: leolo...this film speaks the genuine and real life problems of parents, teachers and students. And the way we have picturised it , Paathshaala will hit straight to the hearts of people and I am sure its going to be a memorable film for years to come.

faizan ali : will you make an sequel of pattshalla?
Milind Ukey: that's an interesting qtn faizan...probably college ha ha ha... it all depends on the success of this film

**** Mike **** : who would u like to cast in ur next film?
Milind Ukey: Aamir Khan

amirah khan : How is Nana Patekar to work with...is he temperamental?
Milind Ukey: Nana Patekar is a very methodical actor, a seniormost actor. So you have to be very well prepared and your home work has to be thorough. his creative levels are of very high standards which we have to match up to. so if any shortcomings are there, he would naturally question in his own way. What people call tantrums but I call it his right as an actor.

Milind Ukey: The War Of Panipat

leolo : ur a writer too? any film written yet?
Milind Ukey: no I have not written any film but I would be writing new script

Ankush : why did it take so long to release??
Milind Ukey: Ankush...any big film takes its own time to complete so one and half years for completion is a good time. It also took a little extra time to find a suitable release period which had to be the summer vacations

bhavi : how is avika gor in film
Milind Ukey: when avika gor started to act in the film, she had not done Balika vadhu. She was relatively new and thats why her role is smaller in the film but very nice and impt.

leolo : If not a writer director then what?
Milind Ukey: leolo...thats a good question...hmmmm I would be lost.

I WANT NOBODY : sir do u read? what are ur hobbies?
Milind Ukey: I read a lot particularly on socio-political issues, philosophy, listening to music. In short, anything and everything related to the films.

Mike : Would you ever venture into horror films?
Milind Ukey: I wont call them horror films but maybe I'd make a supernatural thriller to depict the forbidden truths about life and death.

sam24 : sir, which is ur best film till date?
Milind Ukey: Paathshaala

Mike : you made an animation film...but really our animation is still way behind hollywood ...why?
Milind Ukey: we dont have the budgets and enough creative ideas.

sam24 : Do you think this film is a breakthrough for you as a director as well?
Milind Ukey: Certainly Yes Sam becos it creates for me a big platform in the commercial film industry

Arun : whats your favourite hollywood film and why?
Milind Ukey: Arun...so many of them but I would say The Hurt Locker moved me deeply for last so many days.

IMwhatIM : Sir....Whoz that cute kid nr U?
Milind Ukey: ha ha thats my son Krishng

Deepali : whose your favourite bollywood actress...
Milind Ukey: Deepali...all time fav is Madhubala

faizan ali : can you make a movie on MUGHAL EMPIRE??
Milind Ukey: in fact The War of Panipat would be somewhere near portraying the Mughal culture

Arun : i did watch hurt locker and didnt see anything moving in it... i think waltz with bashir is better... ur coments?
Milind Ukey: I have yet not seen it

IMwhatIM : Whch s ur fav song?
Milind Ukey: so many of them yaar but I like Zara Zara from RHTDM

Praful : considering your experinece pathshaala is abig film for you...r u nervous?
Milind Ukey: yes a bit Praful. How much ever hard work you do but its peoples verdict that finally matters and thats what makes us nervous

I WANT NOBODY : if he is grown up for example would u like your son to be an actor
Milind Ukey: rather i would like him to be a director becos he already asks me questions which are more like a director

Kooool : Hi milind first of best of Luck for your Upcoming movie...! can i ask that why you have titled it as "Paathshaala" like a typical hindi???
Milind Ukey: the film deals so much with the inherent issues of education system and they are so much Indian in their nature that the name should immediately reflect ingenuity of the subject matter

leolo : are you on any networking site? what do you use it for?
Milind Ukey: facebook

SANIA.....:) : sir wht do you think about shahrukhkhan
Milind Ukey: he is a great showman

I WANT NOBODY : which grade is your son studying,sir?
Milind Ukey: he is in 1st std

Arun : Do you think celebs talking abt their movies and the details before release on social networking sites is a good idea?
Milind Ukey: todays media interaction is completely changed compared to the earlier times. Now there are too many options for entertainment than films, hence film cast and crew need to create a direct communication with their audiences which will help enough grounds to receive the film in the correct light.

IMwhatIM : Howz d Promotion f Paathshala gng?
Milind Ukey: as you see on the television, its all over the place and we have wonderful hoarding displays in Mumbai plus our music is a hit on the radio so in all we have top class promotions carried out by EROS Intl and PaperDoll Productions

I WANT NOBODY : i thik your next film will be superhit all the best
Milind Ukey: thank you very much..so sweet of you

I WANT NOBODY : has he watched the film yet?
Milind Ukey: yes he has just seen the film and he cried in the film and he said he loved the film and would love to show all his friends. He asked me one qtn- How do I know about the dreams of the characters in the film and how do I take that scenes of that dreams onto the screen? If you can answer that qtn pls let me knw

IMwhatIM : what are ur plans post the release of the film? will u go on a vacation?
Milind Ukey: I need a vacation very badly but lets see

sam24 : if u have to remake any movie from hollywood which one it wud be ?
Milind Ukey: i dont believe in remakes

IMwhatIM : DO you think we should do away with lip sync...its so yesterday...
Milind Ukey: no not yet. Our Indian films are still has its unique form and we still have a strong musical culture which should be preserved inform of lip sync songs

Milind Ukey: guys it was great fun chatting live with all of you....will come back after the film is released and share more. Do catch Paathshaala at a theatre near you this friday april 16th...love...Milind

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