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      EXCLUSIVE! I Am Glad I Got To Be Dulquer Salmaan's Friend First & Then His Fan - Mithila Palkar

      By Madhuri

      You may rightly call her as the girl who took the internet by storm with her mint-fresh spunk, which instantly connected with the Gen X. From slaying it on the web to bagging a film starring two of the finest talents from the country, the journey hasn't been easy for her. But, Mithila is quick to add that she's happy with how things have shaped up for her so far.

      In an exclusive chat with Filmibeat, Mithila Palkar spills the beans about her journey on why she considered it a boon that she didn't watch Dulquer Salmaan's films before and the reality checks she needed to believe that she's Irrfan Khan's co-star.


      'Actors Don't Belong To A Particular Medium Anymore'

      'Actors Don't Belong To A Particular Medium Anymore'

      Q. The minute you hear the word 'internet sensation', your name immediately pops up in the mind. These days, we have a lot of the Bollywood actors turning towards the web. You, on the other hand, are having a vice-versa journey right now. How do you see this transition?

      A. I think it's a very interesting time to be a part of the entertainment industry because internet has opened up a lot of opportunities for everybody. The lines are pretty blurred now. You don't belong to a particular medium anymore. Everybody is everywhere. It's very interesting to see that everybody is very open to exploring new mediums and genre and experimenting with them. It's also great that the audience is accepting all these changes.

      Q. You have a knack for some really good content. Be it the webseries, your Marathi film Murabba and now Karwaan. How do you pick up your work? Is this process organic for you or you plan things?

      A. It's organic. I don't have a plan at all. I think I have been fortunate that I have been offered good, quality content. I always say that when I pick my work, it depends on the content and the people associated with the project, whether it's the theatre, internet or it's films now. I am fortunate that all of that has come together for me for everything that I have done so far.

      'My Grandfather Was Very Skeptical About Me Making This Career Choice'

      'My Grandfather Was Very Skeptical About Me Making This Career Choice'

      Q. A couple of days back, you shared a post on your Instagram page from Official Humans of Bombay where you spoke about the silent relationship which you had with your grandfather as he wasn't really keen about you pursuing a career in this film. Did he see the trailer of Karwaan? What was his reaction to it?

      A. Yes, he did watch it. He is very excited.about the film.

      Q. How is your relationship with him now?

      A. When I say 'silent', it means we ain't very verbal about it. We don't say 'I love you to each other.' But we know that. He was the one who was very skeptical about me making this career choice and today, he's the one who shows out the most. It's really sweet that he has learnt how to access YouTube and how to use his smartphone and tablet. He has a tablet but I don't.

      Q. Did you always wanted to be an actress or did you have some other career plans?

      A. I always wanted to be an actress. I went on the stage for the first time in school when I was 12. That's when I decided that this is what I wanted to do. Nobody takes a 12 year old's career choice seriously. Nobody took me seriously including me. I ran away from it but it found me. I guess this was meant to be.

      'I Don't Like To Have Regrets In Life'

      'I Don't Like To Have Regrets In Life'

      Q. When you look back, are you happy with how things have shaped up for you?

      A. Definitely. I am very happy. I don't like to have regrets in life.

      Q. You met Dulquer Salmaan for the first time on the sets of Karwaan. Was it difficult for you to break the ice with him?

      A. It wasn't difficult. DQ and I met for a couple of readings before we started shooting for the film. That's helped because we got to be friends first in that sense. He's quite grounded and very approachable. There was no distance. It was the same with Irrfan Sir as well. I was in complete awe of him. I have grown up watching him and have been a fan. I was a little intimidated by him, not because he was intimidating but it came from respect.

      Q. Were you aware about Dulquer's work down the South?

      A. If I have to be honest, I looked him up. When I found out about him, I knew he was a big deal. I didn't see his work before I met him.In a way, it's a boon. Now, I am a fan of DQ. Had I been a fan of both of them, I would have been really worried because I would have become conscious. I am glad that I got to be DQ's friend first and then a fan.

      'It Took Me A While To Get Used To The Fact That I Am Irrfan Khan's Co-Star'

      'It Took Me A While To Get Used To The Fact That I Am Irrfan Khan's Co-Star'

      Q. How was it sharing screen space with Irrfan Khan?

      A. It was amazing. I cannot describe it in words. Everything which he does is inspiring. It took me a while to get used to the fact that I am his co-actor. I had to get that reality check that I am working with him as an actor and not as an audience.

      Q. How was a day on the sets of Karwaan? What is the biggest take-away for you from the film?

      A. I think I was a child sent to Disneyland. I was like this wide-eyed child trying to take in everything. It was an absolutely enriching experience. Every day was a learning. Who doesn't want to work with two of the finest artists we have in the country today! They are so effortless and spontaneous.

      Q. How much did you relate with your character Tanya from Karwaan?

      A. Mithila and Tanya are not relatable at all (laughs). Tanya is extremely practical about her approach towards her life. On the other, I am extremely emotional towards it. It's something which I need to learn from Tanya (laughs). I am an extreme overthinker whereas she's extremely unapologetic.

      Q. Were there times where you carried the remnants of your reel life to your real life?

      A. No, I didn't. I can manage to disconnect very fast from my characters.

      Q. Do you have any inhibitions as an actress?

      A. Nothing that I can think of. I mean I don't know about nudity. I haven't given a thought to that yet. Also, I don't know if I can do horror as a genre because I get scared easily. But then if you have inhibitions, how will you survive?

       'I Am A Fan Of Alia Bhatt's Work'

      'I Am A Fan Of Alia Bhatt's Work'

      Q. What kind of films were a part of your growing years?

      A. I am a 90s kid. So, everything from that period was a part of my childhood. But. I have also a huge fan of Gulzar Saab. I have watched a lot of his films. His film Ijaazat has been remarkable for me. I think that film is a poetry. If there is one film which I can watch again and again, it's Hum Aapke Hain Koun.

      Q. Do you look upto any actresses from the current crop?

      A. I look upto Priyanka Chopra. Everything she does is very inspiring because she's unstoppable. I am a fan of Alia Bhatt's work. Also Ranbir Kapoor. I have been his fan since forever now.

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