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Rani cuts her nose, keeps her cool

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By: Smitha Nambiar
Friday, March 02, 2007
Rani Mukherjee, the girl who till date has been loved by the media had to face much criticism owing to her so-called 'temper tantrums'. The actress, popular for her girl-next-door image suddenly became very unpopular and was termed as 'proud and arrogant'.

However, one tends to wonder if Rani actually deserves to be treated in such a manner, considering the fact that she has always maintained a 'goody image' till date.

Recently, while shooting for Yash Raj Film's Laga Chunari Mein Daag, Rani began to bleed after getting a cut on her got a cut on her nose, which began to bleed, thanks to Konkona!

The two were performing a dance sequence in which Konkona Sen had to use a toy as a prop in her hand. Now we all know that Konkona is not a great dancer, don't we? The toy unfortunately fell from her hand while dancing and hit Rani in the face. However, Rani, who began to bleed did not make a big issue and quickly went back to her make-up-room, covered up the bruise and was back for the shoot once again!

The visibly embarrassed Konkona apologised profusely and sent a huge bouquet of flowers along with an apology note to Rani. However Rani was quite cool about the entire accident and assured Konkana that everything was fine. Phew! Konkona might have been relieved!

So, guys...this only means that our dear old Rani hasn't quite changed. Who can ever say that the actress with a million-dollar smile has turned arrogant?

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