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Katrina's double standard attitude

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Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are slowly coming out of the closet. After accepting the fact that they are couples, the lovebirds are in to share each other's joy, happiness and sorrows. Yes, Katrina has decided not to do what her beau doesn't want.

The latest we hear is that Katrina refused to work with Vivek Oberoi. It may also be recalled that Salman had earlier said that Katrina could work with any Bollywood actors including Shahrukh Khan and John Abraham but not Vivek.

Katrina said that Salman has disclosed his displeasure in public for only one person, for which he has a valid reason. She added that he doesn't want his friends to get close to Vivek.

However, she worked with Shahrukh Khan though Salman doesn't get along well with him. Why such a double standard? She said that the spat was just between the actors. She added that they have come out in the open about the spat but still are senior professionals who know lots about the trade.

But was the spat between Salman and Vivek too was just between the actors? Oh! Kat has the sixth sense. She knew the 'Ash' factor!


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